When doing a home improvement project, or any project needing tools, having the right tools is paramount for any handyperson. Besides having the right tools, DIY-ers also need tools they can rely on for their project. With DeWalt hand tools, you might wonder if they are good for the projects you might have to complete.

For the most part, DeWalt hand tools are highly rated by customers for their ability to help customers get their projects done. They are dependable and come with a limited lifetime warranty in most cases.

While DeWalt hand tools are good for home projects, some might wonder which of their hand tools are the best rated tools to get. Read further for more information on DeWalt hand tools.

What Are Some of the Best DeWalt Hand Tools?

Every do-it-yourself person wants the best tools to use for their projects. While DeWalt has a wide range of hand tools, not every one of them is perfect. However, let’s go over some of their best hand tools available for customers to purchase.

Here is a list of four of the highest rated DeWalt hand tools:

With DeWalt offering a wide range of dependable hand tools, knowing which ones are the best helps people get the right tools for the right project. Continue reading for more information on these tools.

What Makes the DeWalt 22oz Framing Hammer A Good Hand Tool?

When looking for the right hammer, there are a few aspects customers might want to examine before making their purchase. With the DeWalt 22oz framing hammer, it’s no different. So what makes the DeWalt hammer a good hand tool versus other hammers?

The DeWalt 22oz framing hammer gives customers the right weight and grip to complete any project. Its ability to help get nails through even the toughest surface makes it a great hammer. The limited lifetime warranty also makes this hammer a good buy for anyone.

Getting a hammer with those features makes the DeWalt 22oz framing hammer a wonderful product. Continue reading on for what makes the next DeWalt hand tool on the list a good hand tool.

What Makes the DeWalt 23-piece Socket Set A Good Hand Tool?

Some projects that might be outside of the house require the use of sockets. When tackling a project that requires this type of tool, having the best socket set is a major requirement. So what makes the DeWalt 23-piece socket set a suitable set for these types of projects?

The DeWalt 23-piece socket set gives people enhanced torque and grip with their ⅜ inch drive ratchet. Included in the set is an impact extension and drill drive, two helpful tools. The set also comes with a durable carrying case for those sockets and ratchet.

Having that enhanced grip and torque is just one reason the DeWalt 23-piece socket set is a good hand tool. Read on for the next item on the list.

What Makes the DeWalt 8” Slip-Joint Pliers A Good Hand Tool?

Some jobs around the house require the use of a good pair of pliers. While some might think any pair might do, the DeWalt 8’ slip-joint pliers are a set of pliers that do more than just get the job done. So what makes these pliers a good hand tool to have for your project?

The DeWalt 8” slip-joint pliers come with easy to grip handles. These handles make getting a good grip easy, which helps with projects needing extra grip. The limited lifetime warranty also makes this tool a great buy.

Knowing you can get the right grip, while having that peace of mind with DeWalt’s warranty, makes their pliers a good hand tool. Continue reading to find out about the DeWalt dip grip adjustable wrench.

What Makes the DeWalt Dip Grip Adjustable Wrench A Good Hand Tool?

Some projects for people require the use of an adjustable wrench. This handy hand tool is great to have around when you need to change sizes of your wrench without looking for another wrench. So what makes the DeWalt dip grip adjustable wrench a good hand tool?

The DeWalt adjustable wrench has a special vinyl grip with an armor coating, helping make this tool easy to use. The wrench also has a wide jaw, making it each for getting the perfect fit. It is also backed by DeWalt’s limited lifetime warranty.


While not every DeWalt hand tool is the best, they have a wide range of highly rated hand tools. Their special grip technology on these hand tools make them a must-buy for anyone that needs that extra grip when doing a project around their house. The limited lifetime warranty on their products also make these four hand tools a good choice when doing any project.