If a Dewalt drill breaks, it can often be fixed. Minor fixes can be done at home. For bigger issues which will require more complex fixes, it will need to be sent to a professional for repair. Taking apart or tampering with your drill may result in Dewalt voiding your warranty.

Can A Dewalt Drill Be Fixed At Home?

Remember, not every broken mechanism is something you can handle. You may not have the tools nor the parts to fix it appropriately so that it is safe to use. Here are some things that are easy to fix at home:

  • A dead battery.
  • Your drill has sparks.
  • A wobbly chuck.
  • A smoking drill that still turns on.

If the drill is old and you just want to try to fix it, then it could be a great learning session. But if the drill is new, you may want to look into the warranty and other options first.

How To Fix A Drill At Home

If your Dewalt Drill is smoking or sparking, it is because there is residue in the motor. This happens over time. 

It just needs to be cleaned out and the brushes replaced, which only takes about an hour and can be done from home.

Here are the steps that you can take to see if the residue and the brushes are the problem as well as fixing it right away:

  • Gather your tools: needle nose pliers, electrical contact cleaner, air cleaner, multibit screwdriver.
  • Take the back part of the drill off with the screwdriver.
  • Use the needle nose pliers to pull off the connectors on each side.
  • Use the screwdriver to dislodge the brush assemblies.
  • Pull the brush assemblies out.
  • Compare to new brush assemblies.
  • Blow out the dirt with the compressed air.
  • Clean with the electrical contact cleaner.
  • Reassemble drill.

If your old brush assemblies are much shorter than the new ones, it shows that the brushes and dirt are the cause for smoking and sparking. Once you have cleaned everything out and put it back together, your drill should be good as new.

If you continue to see smoking or sparking, then there may be something else causing it. You will want to get it checked out because it does become a safety hazard.

Will Fixing It Myself Void The Warranty?

If your Dewalt Drill is still under warranty, then trying to fix it on your own will void the warranty. The company will not replace or fix the drill because it has been tampered with.

There are many other reasons why your warranty could be voided as well. Here are a few of those reasons why Dewalt won’t cover your drill:

  • Fixed by an unauthorized seller or repair technician.
  • Sold by an unauthorized seller or third party.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Abuse to the tool or improper use of it.
  • No proof of purchase from an authorized seller.

Unless you are a certified seller or repair technician for Dewalt, your warrant will become void. It is considered that you messed with the mechanisms and thus the void.

You always want to contact Dewalt to be sure what voids your warranty. They can help answer any questions about your drill and your warranty.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

It is always good to know what your warranty covers. It’s disappointing when you think your drill is covered and then it is not. It simply covers your drill suddenly malfunctioning. 

Dewalt will repair your drill at no costs to you if this does occur. They may even replace the drill entirely. You just need to take it to a Dewalt facility to exchange or repair the tool.

If there is not a repair facility near you, Dewalt will pay for the shipping to send the drill to one of their facilities. There, they will decide if they can fix it or just replace it all together.

Can It Be Fixed Professionally?

You can get it fixed at a Dewalt Facility which can be found on Dewalt’s website. They often will repair it at a cost that would be much cheaper than buying a brand new one. 

Check for a quote on replacing the drill. You may find that what the drill is worth, especially if it is an older model, is not worth it being fixed.

Is It Easier To Just Replace It?

Sometimes it may seem easier to just go to a store and buy a new one than seeing if the drill is fixable. Don’t do that!

Always check to see if your drill is under warranty first. Dewalt may replace your drill with a new one and you don’t have to worry about spending any money.

Check your options before simply buying a new one. If it seems that figuring out where to fix your drill and what the costs are, then maybe you can consider buying a new one.

If money isn’t an issue and you aren’t really attached to your drill, then buying a brand new one may be the route for you. But if you want to save some money, then check your warranty and options to fix it.