When you get a new set of power tools, you want to know for sure that they are going to last. While brands like DeWalt have certainly attained a high level of success, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the highest quality or will last the longest. So, do DeWalt tools actually have a decent lifespan? 

DeWalt tools can last decades if they are properly cared for. They need to be kept in a cool dry place, with their batteries out and stored properly themselves. If a problem sprouts up in the first couple years, there’s a good chance the tool in question is still covered by its warranty. 

If you’re curious about how long your DeWalt tools can last if they are properly maintained, you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections, we’ll break down how durable DeWalt tools are, how long they should last and how you can get the greatest degree of longevity out of them. Of course, we’ll also cover maintaining their batteries as well so they can run. 

Are DeWalt Tools Durable? 

DeWalt tools are notorious for being some of the highest quality and most durable options on the market that are still affordable. If the lifespan of your tools is important to you, you really can’t go wrong with DeWalt. 

How Long Do DeWalt Tools Last?

The length of time you can expect a given DeWalt tool to last can really vary. Still, it’s not uncommon for their power drills to last for decades if they are well maintained and stored properly. 

At the end of the day, it’s more likely that the batteries for your DeWalt power tools will go bad far before the tools themselves do. 

How Long Do DeWalt Batteries Last? 

Without batteries, a good power tool isn’t really worth much. Therefore, it’s just as important that the batteries last a reasonable amount of time as it is that the tools last a long time. So, with that, how long do the batteries for DeWalt power tools tend to last?

You can expect the batteries for your DeWalt power tools to last a minimum of about three years. You can usually get several additional years out of them, simply by performing the most basic care in the way you maintain and store them. . 

How to Make Your DeWalt Tools Last Longer

How long your DeWalt tools will last, largely depends on how well you take care of them and both where and how you store them. The batteries will of course, also need their own care to be taken.

The following five tips for storing and maintaining your DeWalt power tools and their batteries, will help ensure that your own set will last as long as possible:

  • Never leave the batteries hooked to the charger: If you leave your batteries on the charger for too long they can become “overcharged,” causing damage to the battery and shortening its lifespan.
  • Try to always use the battery until it requires recharging: The battery will continue to hold practically the same level of charge for longer if you wait until the battery needs to be recharged to charge it. 
  • Always bring the battery to full charge before using: This one can be hard to stick to when you want to get going on a project, but your batteries aren’t charged. Still, if you want your batteries to be able to hold a full charge longer, it’s best to always fully charge them before you use them. 
  • Keep the tools and batteries in a cool dry place: You can get racks, hooks, tool chest or just about anything else your power tools and batteries will fit in. Just make sure that it is a cool dry place, as moisture and heat can damage both the tools and the batteries. 

You can also extend the lifespan of the battery, merely by not letting it fall into disuse for too long. This can be a great excuse to start more projects and get more things done around the house. 

Do Dewalt Tools Come With a Warranty?

Most DeWalt tools do in fact come with a warranty. The warranty’s range from three years to a lifetime, depending on what products you’ve bought. Always check the user manual and the box to see what the warranty is for your own tools. 

Additionally, DeWalt offers a “No Break Guarantee.” Meaning if you drop the tool and it breaks, they will replace it free of charge. This just goes to reinforce how durable their products really are. 

So, How Long Do DeWalt Tools Last?

Dewalt tools can last for decades if you take care of them properly. Still, their batteries tend to last about three years, again, if they are properly taken care of. 

To ensure the longest lifespan for both your tools and their batteries, store them in a cool dry place. Ensure the batteries are only charged when they die, and then brought back to full power before used again. Also make sure you don’t store them in the tool or on the charger, as it can affect their lifespan. With all that, you should be ready to make your DeWalt tools last!