Because of this, you must know how to determine the battery life of your tools. Knowing the battery life and determining if your battery is dead will save you a lot of time and stress.

To determine if your DeWalt battery is dead, the easiest thing you can do is use a multi-meter to get an accurate voltage reading.

In this article, you will learn how to determine if your DeWalt battery is dead. In addition, you’ll learn the best ways to protect your battery, how to use a multi-meter tool, and what chargers are best.

Testing a DeWalt Battery

One of the quickest ways to determine if the battery in your DeWalt tool is dead is to use a multi-meter to get an accurate reading. The multi-meter will tell you the exact voltage of a battery. Typically, a fully charged battery will have twenty volts.

How to Use a Multi-Meter

There are two types of multi-meters, digital and analog. As with most things, digital meters are a bit more accurate and often easier to use. However, a digital meter is more expensive than the traditional analog option.

When using a multi-meter, you will find two separate leads, red and black. When you attach the leads to the battery in question, you will read the meter. If you find a reading that is less than 18, you may need to purchase a new battery, especially if it is fully charged when you are testing it.

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Is The Battery Dead or Uncharged?

If you truly want to know if a DeWalt battery is dead, you must test it after being on a charger long enough to get a charge. Depending on the charger you have, it can take anywhere between 90 minutes to overnight.

It is best to test the battery after a full charge to determine if it can even hold a charge. If the battery has been on a charger for the full amount of time necessary, and the multi-meter is still showing a low reading, it is the battery. It is dead.

Can You Repair a Dead Battery?

Finding out your DeWalt battery is dead can be wildly frustrating and may make you wonder if it is something that you can repair. Unfortunately, repairing the dead battery is not an option. You may find sources that indicate you can deconstruct a DeWalt battery and repair the individual cells, but this is not likely to work.

How Can You Protect Your DeWalt Battery?

If you have ever dealt with a dead battery in your DeWalt power tool, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent it from happening in the future.

Please do not use it with low power. If you notice your battery seems to be running out of charge, do not continue to use it. This is an indicator that it needs to be recharged. Using the tool with a low battery charge can cause damage to the battery.

Do not let it sit idle. If you are not using the power tool, you must maintain a charge in the battery. This will ensure the battery cells maintain their ability to be charged.

Storage is important. One of the best ways to ensure the life of your battery is the longest it can be is to properly store the battery when the tool is not in use. The best conditions to store a battery are cool and dry. If you store it in less than great conditions, it can become damaged.

Check the tool settings: Depending on what you choose to do with the tool, you may need to adjust the settings. For example, if you use the tool for something that requires extra strength, the battery will die more quickly than it would with a smaller job. Adjusting the settings will help conserve the battery life.

Do not overcharge the battery. To ensure a proper and full charge, it can be tempting to let a battery or power tool sit on the charger for an extended period. Leaving a tool or battery on the charger for too long can damage the cells within the battery.

Are Some Chargers Better Than Others?

Knowing the importance of maintaining the proper charge on your may make you wonder about the types of chargers you can choose to use with your DeWalt battery. When looking at chargers, you will find options that charge rapidly, in as little as 45 minutes, as well as others that take longer to charge the batteries.

When choosing a high-speed charger, you will need to remember that high-speed chargers do not typically charge the battery to full capacity. So, while it may be helpful to have a quick boost in your battery charge, it will not likely charge for a long duration of use.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when your DeWalt battery is dead is just as important as knowing when and how to charge it appropriately. By using the proper tools and maintaining proper battery conditions, you will figure out when the battery is dead and when it is only losing charge.