Woodworking with Dewalt tools is easy, as most drill bits can easily eat through wood and leave you with a satisfyingly perfect piece. But what if you are trying to achieve something with metal? Whether you’re trying to do that involves metal, will Dewalt drill bits go through it if you try to drill it?

DeWalt drill bits can go through metal, depending on what type of metal you are working with. If it is lite steel or a somewhat thin metal plate, then the DeWalt drill bits will work just fine.

If your project uses thicker pieces of metal or more dense pieces than lite steel, a DeWalt drill may not be industrial enough to get the job done. Keep reading to find out more about the DeWalt drill and what other options might be better suited for what you are wanting to achieve.

Should I Drill Through Metal Using Dewalt Drill Bits?

The DeWalt drill and accompanying drill bit set are a classic and must-have tool set that you can find in anyone’s home. 

DeWalt products are affordable, easy to use (even for beginners) and are typically trustworthy. However, that said, this brand is best for:

  • Home projects
  • Repairs
  • Hobbies

While you can use titanium and cobalt Dewalt drill bits to drill through metal, DeWalt is not an industrial company and so a heavier duty drill may be necessary, depending on what you are wanting to do. 

We have given you some good options for more heavy-duty drill bit sets below. 

4 of the Best Drill Bits For Going Through Metal

As we mentioned above, the best bits for hardened metal or stainless steel are made of a titanium or cobalt alloy. 

These bits are strong enough to withstand the force of the metal. Although these bits may be more expensive, they are really the only thing that can punch through metal. 

Below we have compiled a list of the best drill bits to use for more heavy duty metals:

  • Drill America D/A29J-CO-PC 29-pc Cobalt Set: Drill America’s M42 bits were found to be some of the strongest bots on the market, particularly their jobber bits. They also have a great cordless drill for more convenience. Enjoy drilling up to 30% due to their rigidity as well. 
  • IRWIN Cobalt M-42 MetalL Drill Bits: The Irwin cobalt bits are a classic choice. They stand up to use well and are also an affordable option. Users have also noted that their case is handy to have and they keep a sharp edge for longer than other brands. 
  • Milwaukee Red Helix Cobalt Drill Bits: Designed specifically for stainless steel, the Milwaukee Red Helix bits are strong and powerful. They also use what is called a “variable flute design” that spins of debris so that your line of sight remains clear. 
  • Diablo Rebar Demon Bits: As you may have guessed from the name, these bits are optimized for rebar. They are great at drilling straight through concrete and rebar without jumping or stopping.

Now you have some great ideas on which bits to use in your next project. 

Tips For Drilling Through Metal

We’re here to make sure that whatever you take on next is a success, so we have put together some tips for drilling through metal. 

Follow our word of advice:

  • Safety first: The last thing you want is a piece of hot metal debris flying in your eye or burning your hands, so always make sure to use safety glasses and gloves. 
  • Mark your metal: Because metal is slick, drill bits have a tendency to wander as you are drilling. To combat this, use a center punch and hammer to create a “dimple”. This will give your bit a sort of guide as it punches through. 
  • Take care of your drill bits: Obviously your drill bits need to be sharp to work best when you are using them on metal. Another way to prolong the life of your bits is to keep them lubricated when you use them. This adds a layer of protection as well as keeping them cooler. It also reduces friction.

Knowing how to work with metal is the best way to see the results you want, so make sure to follow our tips.


The short answer is that in some instances a DeWalt drill can go through metal. This is only possible if you are working with lite steel. 

For denser metal like stainless steel or rebar, you will need to use bits that were made to work with that material. 

These bits are typically made of cobalt or titanium and will be able to successfully drill through any metals. We hope that this guide helps you in your next do it yourself project.