DeWalt and Black and Decker both make a variety of cordless power tools. However, limiting yourself to a single brand’s tools can be inconvenient and expensive. So, can you use DeWalt batteries with Black and Decker tools?

DeWalt batteries incompatible with Black and Decker tools. DeWalt batteries can be modified to fit Black and Decker tools; however, this aftermarket modification can damage your tools and should be carefully considered before any action is taken.

Maybe you’re almost finished with a project when your cordless drill dies. Whatever the reason, it’s frustrating to learn that DeWalt batteries are not intended for use with Black and Decker tools. Read on to learn more about this common problem.

DeWalt Batteries Aren’t Interchangeable With Black and Decker Tools

DeWalt and Black and Decker make a range of batteries, but the ones consumers most likely want to swap are the 20 volt models. 18 and 20V batteries are the standard for popular handheld tools like cordless drills, edgers, impact drivers and reciprocating saws.

Although both companies are owned by Stanley Black and Decker, each company manufactures batteries that are exclusive to their own line of tools. Even if two batteries are the same voltage, they are not interchangeable without modification.

What Makes DeWalt Batteries Different from Black and Decker?

DeWalt produces powerful, rugged tools at a premium price while Black and Decker focuses mainly on providing tools for home improvement at a more affordable price. DeWalt’s lithium ion batteries are more expensive, but are also more powerful, last longer and weigh less.

DeWalt has two types of 20V batteries: 20V Max and 20V Max XR (extreme runtime) and many ampere hour (AH) options, including:

  • 4AH
  • 5AH
  • 6AH
  • 8AH
  • 10AH

You can invest in a more durable DeWalt battery and use it to power cheaper Black and Decker tools. To prevent this type of compatibility, tool companies implement unique measurements for the sliding rail system that connects the battery to the tool.

How to Make DeWalt Batteries Compatible With Black and Decker Tools

You can alter DeWalt batteries to make them fit your Black and Decker tools, but you should weigh the risks for yourself before deciding to alter these electronic devices. Let’s take a look at how below.

Modify Your DeWalt Battery With a Third-Party Adapter

It’s possible to power a Black and Decker tool with a DeWalt battery using a battery adapter. These plastic adapters bridge the gap between different platform measurements, allowing consumers to mix and match batteries from one company with a different company’s power tool. 

These adapters are not licensed or sold by either company, but can be purchased on sites like Ebay and Amazon for prices ranging from 20 to 40 dollars. So if there’s a specific Black and Decker drill or alligator saw you love, these adapters will let you “supercharge” it with a superior DeWalt battery without having to swap out your whole tool collection.

Modify Your DeWalt Battery Yourself

Another option consumers may come across while researching is to modify the DeWalt battery themselves to fit directly into a Black and Decker tool. This is done by sanding and trimming the plastic rail system, adjusting the contact location by soldering new connections and sealing the parts together with silicone. 

Obviously, running a power tool you modified yourself carries all the same risks as operating it with an adapter. This means reduced longevity and the possibility of electrocution or starting a fire. Additionally, the modified component will no longer be usable with the original battery platform. 

The Dangers of Using a DeWalt Battery With Black and Decker Tools

However, there are also serious drawbacks. Let’s go over a few below in more detail.

No Overheating Protection

Modern batteries like DeWalt’s are “smart” technology and have under-voltage protection in the form of a wire or fuse that shuts off the tool to prevent overheating and electrical issues. But third-party adapters are simply a plastic mold with a contact plate to route energy from battery to tool. 

No Overcharge Protection

The adapters don’t contain any fuses or measures to prevent overcharge. Operating a Black and Decker power tool with a DeWalt battery runs the risk of frying the tool’s wiring, damaging the battery or draining it faster. At worst, the tool may even overheat and start an electrical fire. 

Faster Wear and Tear

Even if the battery doesn’t damage or overload the tool’s circuits, the increased power it sends will wear down the moving components faster and reduce the lifespan of the tool. It’s for these reasons that using a battery adapter will void the Black and Decker warranty

Using a DeWalt battery may be beneficial in the short term by giving the Black and Decker tool extra power and torque, but long term it will damage the tool, battery, or both.


A DeWalt drill, charger and battery kit can cost as much as $140, while a similar Black and Decker drill and charger kit only costs $50-60. At these prices, it’s easy to see why people want to use a DeWalt battery on a Black and Decker tool rather than switching fully to DeWalt. 

However, the long term risks of using a modified power tool outweigh the benefits. 

In almost any case, consumers would probably be better off buying or replacing their Black and Decker battery or committing fully to one tool system.