When tackling home projects, you may not want to switch up your gear. It may be easier and less expensive to use what’s on hand or what you can borrow from a friend. If you’ve found yourself with a DeWalt nail gun, and some Paslode nails, you’ll want to know if you can combine the two. 

You should not alternate Paslode nails with DeWalt nails in a DeWalt nail gun. It may be possible to use Paslode nails on a DeWalt nail gun if you find exact nails, but it may not work with the air-pressure and jam your tool.

In this way, you may not be safe using Paslode nails in your DeWalt nail gun. If you are curious if it’s possible or how to do it, read on. 

Can you use Paslode Nails in DeWalt Nail Gun?

DeWalt is a popular U.S. power tool brand. They offer strong nail guns, like cordless nailers or pneumatic nailers. They also pack in needed features like tool-free depth setting, integrated rafter hooks, and easy jam clearing.

Check out this nail reference guide – it shows you various DeWalt nail guns and applicable nails.  You can see how the 16 GA Finish Nailer has a 1 ¼” – 2 ½” length range, 16GA diameter range, unlisted or N/A angle, and offers various brands of fasteners (Paslode included). 

If you are able to find matching nails for your DeWalt gun, you may be able to use Paslode nails in it. Check to make sure the angle matches – this is important, or you will jam the gun. 

Additionally, guarantee that the length and diameter of the nail match what your DeWalt nail gun requires. If you have found a correct fitting nail, let’s check out how you can load it into your gun.

How can you use Paslode Nails in a DeWalt Nail Gun?

If you’re unsure how to load nails into your DeWalt nail gun, here’s a quick YouTube video.  Here’s a quick list:

  • Pull back the tab of the gun and lock it at the bottom of the gun. 
  • Grab your set of nails, and align them properly. 
  • Then, slide them into the back of the magazine. 
  • Release the tab up. 
  • The gun is now loaded and ready.

Now that you’ve loaded the Paslode nails into your DeWalt nail gun, you may need some tips on how to unjam your gun.

Tips for Using Paslode Nails instead of DeWalt Nails

While all power tools are different, most operate pretty similiarly. The DeWalt nail guns are no different. If you’ve put in Paslode nails into your DeWalt nail gun, you may end up with a jam.

If you’ve found your DeWalt nail gun jammed with Paslode nails, check out this video to unjam your gun. 

Here are the steps to unjam your DeWalt gun:

  • Snap the lever at the top of the gun. This is the anti-jamming mechanism.
  • It should free the jam. If not, you may need to do it manually.
  • Detach the battery.
  • Take out your nails.
  • At the bottom of the magazine, remove the allen key. 
  • Loosen the allen screws at the top of the gun.
  • The magazine will now detach.
  • Take the magazine off the gun. 
  • Get into the barrel of the gun, and remove the nails.
  • You may need a nail punch to remove the nails from the barrel of the gun.
  • Pivot the magazine back into the barrel.
  • Put the allen screws back in and tighten them up.
  • Place the battery back in the gun.

It is not recommended that you use Paslode nails in your DeWalt gun. The risk of jamming the gun is too high.

Can you use Both Paslode Nails and DeWalt Nails at the Same Time?

The DeWalt nail gun magazine carries only one set of nails at a time. It would not be possible to use both Paslode nails and Dewalt nails in the same gun at the same time.

You may be able to tinker and separate two sets of nails, but this is very risky and may cause injury to you and damage your gun beyond repair.

Be careful not to do anything that would void your warranty. It’s best to keep your gun in tact, and able to be used, then be out of pocket.

Additionally, you may hurt yourself attempting this. The potential risk is too great.

Final Thoughts

It just isn’t a great idea to use Paslode nails in a DeWalt nail gun. You may not only jam your nail gun, but you may damage it beyond repair. The risk to yourself and others is too great. You may also completely destroy the project you are working on if a nail misfires. 

For this reason, do not use Paslode nails in a DeWalt nail gun unless you can verify the size and shape of the nail fits and matches perfectly with what your nail gun fires.