Working with a Dewalt table saw can make any job easier. However, this can also cause a lot of upset when things aren’t working properly, such as a table saw that keeps tripping the breaker. The first step to fixing the problem is finding out its cause. So, let’s dive in.

In total, these things could all cause a Dewalt table saw to trip the circuit breaker:

  • A faulty motor drive
  • Worn motor brushes
  • A bad motor overload
  • Improper use of an extension cord
  • Binding up the saw blade

When using any sort of equipment, it’s important to make sure all components are in good working order to avoid injury or damage. Below, you’ll learn several reasons why your Dewalt table saw keeps tripping the breaker and what you can do about it. 

Why Does Dewalt Table Saw Keep Tripping Breaker?

Circuit breaker tripping is a fairly common electrical problem that can happen with almost any type of equipment. And there are a number of factors that can make this happen.

Two of the main causes of a table saw tripping the breaker are:

  • An overflow of current 
  • Faulty equipment

This could be an issue with the motor brushes or a defective motor overload. Malfunctioning parts can also lift the current above safe levels, causing the breaker to trip. 

A few other factors worth checking are the use of the wrong extension cord, the binding of the saw blade, or a faulty circuit breaker.

Blade Binding

Binding is when the workpiece gets stuck between the fence and the saw blade. This can happen due to a bent or inclined fence, a dull or dirty blade, or using the wrong blade for your table saw. If this happens, it can also cause the circuit breaker to trip because of a lift in current. 

How to Check the Circuit Breaker

The easiest way to find out whether it is your table saw or your circuit breaker that is having an issue is to test your saw on another circuit breaker. 

If your saw trips the breaker, then you may want to go through some troubleshooting steps to figure out the exact cause. However, if you switch breakers and the saw doesn’t trip, then your circuit breaker is probably the cause. 

It may be that something is wrong with the breaker or that the one you were using wasn’t strong enough to handle your table saw.

Is a 15 Amp Breaker Enough for a Table Saw?

You may be wondering how many amps is enough for your table saw if you’re experiencing power outages or your tool isn’t working correctly.

A 15-amp circuit may be enough to run a small Dewalt table saw. However, if you have something larger, you will more than likely run into an issue. 

For example, the Dewalt DW745 is a 10-inch table saw powered by a 15-amp motor. Since electrical code requires a load not to exceed 80 percent of the circuit’s capacity, you would need at least a 20-amp circuit to run the table saw. 

How to Keep Your Table Saw From Tripping the Breaker

Tripping the breaker in the middle of a project is never fun. 

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to fix the issue and ensure it doesn’t happen again:

  • Check the circuit breaker capacity. Remember, your load should be less than 80% of the capacity. Therefore, if your table saw has a 15 amp motor, make sure to use a circuit breaker with 20 amps or higher.
  • Replace the carbon motor brushes. If the table saw isn’t running properly, this could be a sign of worn brushes. These tend to wear down after around 50 hours of run time, so it’s essential to replace them regularly. 
  • Check extension cord compatibility. Different cords are made to handle different things. Use a cord with a similar or higher rating than your table saw. 
  • Replace the motor overload. If you are experiencing breaker trips often, it may be an issue with the motor overload. This piece is responsible for shutting off the electrical power to the motor in the event of an overload or overheating. 
  • Replace the drive motor. If the drive motor is defective or worn out, you may experience trips or your table saw may not start at all. This could indicate it’s time for a replacement. 

It’s also a good idea to always check your equipment to make sure everything is clean and well-aligned before putting the table saw to use. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to do when your Dewalt table saw keeps tripping the breaker. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your table saw in working order.

By making sure you are using the right equipment and that all components are in good condition, you should have your saw up and running in no time.