Edgers are fantastic for giving lawns a finished, professional appearance by creating clean boundary lines where the grass meets pavement or other grassless areas like flowerbeds. 

Whether you’re a commercial landscaper or just a homeowner looking to keep your lawn and garden in top condition, an edger is a valuable tool to have. Does DeWalt make an edger?

DeWalt makes several different edgers as well as an edger attachment. DeWalt offers both a gas-powered edger and two electric edger options. Consumers can purchase the edger and power unit together as a kit or purchase the edger attachment alone, which can be used with DeWalt’s String Trimmer. 

There are many factors to consider when looking for an edger. Should your new edger be electric or gas-powered? Handheld pole or push-behind? How powerful should it be? Do you need to buy an entire edger kit, or can you just buy an edger attachment? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more.

What Kind of Edgers Does DeWalt Make?

DeWalt has several options for edgers. The various models have a lot in common but there are a few key differences. 

Some DeWalt edgers include:

  • The DXGSE 
  • The Brushless Cordless Edger
  • The 20 Volt Max DCED400B
  • The 60 Volt Max DCED472B

The edger is also available separately as Universal Attachment DWOAS4ED. This includes only the edger blade on the end of a metal pole, but no power source. If you already own one of DeWalt’s attachment-capable string trimmers, buying the standalone attachment is by far the cheapest option.

DeWalt Edger Capabilities

Because all of DeWalt’s edger kits simply use the same universal edger attachment combined with different power supplies, they have very similar edging features. 

The edger blade is 7.5 inches across and comes with 3 depth adjustment options, for a maximum cutting depth of 2.5 inches. The stick includes a molded ergonomic handle and a guidewheel at the back of the blade housing to help the operator maintain a straight line when pushing the edger. 

The notable differences appear when one compares the gas and electric motors, and the different power levels of the 20V and 60V motors. 

Should I Get an Electric or Gas DeWalt Edger?

The value of electric versus gas powered tools is a subject of heated debate. Let’s get into the pros and cons of each type of edger below.

Gas DeWalt Edger

Gas-powered edger tools are stronger, meaning they can get your lawn pristine looking more efficiently. However, there are some cons to using them.

Some cons include:

  1. Noisier
  2. Requires more maintenance and upkeep
  3. Worse for the environment
  4. Produces more vibrations, which is especially important for something like a pole-style edger or trimmer, because the motor’s vibrations will be transmitted through the handle and become uncomfortable over time.
  5. More complicated to start, requiring priming the choke and pulling a crank. 
  6. Need to be drained of fuel for storage in winter

Gas engines use combustion to power the cylinders of the motor and contain more moving parts. Because of this they need both gas and oil for the cylinders. DeWalt’s gas edger is a 2-cycle engine, which means it takes a pre-mixed oil-gas formula. According to Home Depot, DeWalt’s gas edger takes a 50:1 gas-oil mixture.

Electric DeWalt Edger

Electric power tools are quieter, so they won’t bother your neighbors or people in your house if you’re up early in the morning doing yard work. However, electric power tools have drawbacks of their own.

Some include:

  1. Lower torque power
  2. Mobility is limited by cords
  3. Batteries for cordless tools can be heavy
  4. Batteries can take a long time to charge
  5. Batteries can lose power before a job is done. 

DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT battery attempts to solve the problem of draining energy quickly, boasting several versions with multiple-hour battery times. The FLEXVOLT was made for the 60V Max Electric Edger, but is also backwards compatible and can fit on the less powerful 20V model.

Are There Any Edgers DeWalt Doesn’t Make?

Most edgers are pole or stick-style with the rotating blade at ground level and the motor at the top to balance out the weight. However, push-behind edgers are also available. This style places the blade and motor in one unit that is pushed at ground level on wheels, similar to a lawnmower or snowblower. 

DeWalt doesn’t make any push-behind edgers, or any push-behind units that are compatible with an edger attachment. 

Does DeWalt Have Manual Edgers?

If you don’t have much area to edge, another option is a manual edger: a long flat blade at the end of a straight pole that the user manually digs into the ground to create the desired edge, similar to a trencher or shovel. 

As a company that focuses mainly on power tools, DeWalt doesn’t offer any manual edger options.


In conclusion, DeWalt offers several options for edging your lawn: a gas-powered edger and two electric versions, as well as an edger attachment you can use if you already own a DeWalt trimmer. 

If you have a large amount of property to edge, and you don’t mind the maintenance on a gas motor, the gas-powered option is probably best. If you have a smaller area and don’t mind the higher price tag that comes with a battery and charger pack, the 60V electric option is probably better.