A Dewalt table saw is a tool that packs a lot of power. So it must take a lot of power to run it, too, right? So how many watts does it actually take to power a Dewalt table saw?

A DW745 model Dewalt table saw has a power input of 1850 watts in order to work, which enables it to work at a high performance in different applications. A bigger model like the DCS7485T2 Dewalt Flexvolt 54V LI-ION table saw uses 2456 Watts. 

Now that we know how many watts a Dewalt table saw uses, let’s take a look at the different aspects that affect how many watts your table saw uses.

How Is a Dewalt Table Saw’s Power Measured?

You need to know the amount of power needed for a Dewalt table saw if you want to use it without issues arising. It could cause a power flicker or outage, or your machine to not work correctly.

So how is a Dewalt table saw’s power measured? Well, measuring the power of a table saw can be done in multiple ways.

Some of the terms you’ll hear are: 

  • Amps – the electrical load something can handle in a certain amount of time 
  • Horsepower – the strength of a motor while running at optimum speed
  • Volts – the amount of pressure yielded by a power source
  • Watts – the amount of power needed to operate

All of these terms are related to power but refer to a different aspect of it. 

What Power Table Saw Would I Need for Basic Woodwork Projects?

Do you do woodwork as a hobby, do the maintenance around the house or just like to create your own custom furniture? 

Then it’s a good idea to know what size Dewalt table saw would suit you best for basic jobs. 

A 2-horsepower table saw would be best suited to help you do some of the more basic woodwork projects. So, the Dewalt DWE7491X model operates at 15 AMPS and uses approximately 1700 watts, which would be a great fit for your workplace. 

It’s powerful enough to slice through a variety of soft metals and different types of wood. And with the cost and power usage being a lot less than an industrial table saw, you won’t get knocked by a massive electrical bill. 

What Power Table Saw Would I Need for a Professional Job? 

If you’re looking at doing jobs that are more complex, or even if you’re going to need a table saw for professional work, you need something with a bit more power than a two-horsepower tool. 

If you’re working in woodwork professionally, you’ll have a lot harder wood and a lot more wood you need to saw through. 

For the best results for professional woodwork jobs, a 5-horsepower table saw is recommended. This will consume approximately 4000 watts and is significantly more powerful than an entry-level table saw. 

When doing professional woodwork jobs, it’s necessary to have a much more powerful table saw because it needs to be able to endure sawing through harder woods and metals. 

You’ll also need to be cutting through a larger quantity of materials, and you don’t want to take a chance on a table saw not coping with the amount of work.

Working with a table saw that is too small to endure the load is potentially more dangerous and can be a huge waste of time. So the bigger electrical bill will be worth the time saved and essentially more money saved too. 

How Many Volts Do You Need to Power a Dewalt Table Saw?

Depending on the size of the Dewalt table saw, you will require a different voltage to be able to provide an adequate amount of power. 

The smaller the wattage usage of your table saw, the fewer volts you’ll need. 

The standard 120-volt sockets around the house will sufficiently supply power to a 1700 watts Dewalt table saw. A heavier-duty table saw that consumes approximately 2400 to 4000 watts will need at least a 220-volt socket to work efficiently. 

The more watts your table uses, the more you would need to increase the voltage to keep up with the demand for power and not blow your sockets and tools.


The number of watts your Dewalt table saw uses depends on the size. The more horsepower it has, the more watts it uses. 

Make sure to increase the voltage of your sockets to maintain an efficient and safe power supply to the table saw.