When it comes to power tools, DeWalt is well-known for its high-quality and impressive products. Within its many offerings, DeWalt has a 20-volt series that customers really seem to love. But before you purchase one, you should know how much torque a DeWalt 20V impact has. So let’s find out right now. 

The various DeWalt 20V impact tools each have a different amount of torque. Although some only have 150 feet-pounds, others have an incredible 1030 feet-pounds. Therefore, it’s important to look at each power tool to ensure it has the torque you need. 

In this article, we will step through each of DeWalt’s most popular 20V impact tools and how much torque they have, as well as why torque is important in your power tools. So read on! You are going to be an expert in no time. 

How Much Torque Do DeWalt 20V Impact Tools Have?

As you now know, DeWalt offers several power tools with 20 volts, and they each have different amounts of torque. So in this section, we are going to talk about the various 20V impact DeWalt tools and how much torque they each have.

DeviceDCF900GP2 20V MAX XR High Torque Impact WrenchDCF850P2 Atomic 20V MAXDriver KitDCF899B 20V MAX XRHigh Torque Impact 1/2DCF921GP2 ATOMIC 20V MAX Cordless Impact
Torque (ft-pounds)1030300700150

Clearly, the amount of torque in DeWalt 20V really varies. But now, let’s find out what else each of these machines can offer. 

  • 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench (Hog Rig Anvil): With 1030 feet-pounds of max fastening torque and 1400 feet-pounds of max breakaway torque, this model is DeWalt’s most powerful option. 
  • Atomic 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit (Hog Rig Anvil): Strong performance, controlled speed settings, and a compact design make this device with 300 feet-pounds max fastening torque and 450 feet-pounds of max breakaway pretty hard to beat. 
  • 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench (Detent Pin Anvil): As a compact tool, you might not think this tool packs a punch. But it definitely does with 700 feet-pounds of max torque and 1200 feet-pounds of max breakaway torque.
  • Atomic 20V MAX Cordless Impact: If you’re looking for a small device to handle small corners that can still do the job, the Atomic 20V MAX is a great option at 150 feet-pounds of max fastening and 3,250 rpm.

If you know how much torque you need for your project, then you can easily select the right option for the job. 

However, it’s also important to note if DeWalt’s power tools have more or less torque than their competitors products, so you know if you’re making the smart purchase. 

Do DeWalt 20V Impact Tools Have the Most Torque?

While DeWalt is certainly one of the most popular power tool brands on the market today, there are a few others that are worth trying. But let’s find out if their 20V impact tools offer the same amount of torque as DeWalt’s. 

  • Bosch: While some Bosch impact tools only offer 150 feet-pounds, others have up to 770. So while they’re not quite as powerful, they’ll do the job for most projects. 
  • Makita: The Makita tool with the most torque, although popular, only provides 520 feet-pounds. 
  • Milwaukee: You can get a high torque impact wrench from Milwaukee with a whopping 1,800 feet-pounds of torque!

Although Milwaukee does offer some products with a hefty amount of torque, overall, DeWalt has more high powered options. 

It’s important to understand that the high voltage of the 20V impact tools from DeWalt is what allows these devices to have such incredible power. 

So while DeWalt does offer some 12V and 18V options, if you want the highest torque, you should always opt for 20V.

What’s the Highest Torque DeWalt Impact?

If you want the most possible torque in your DeWalt 20V impact power tool, there is one tool that you should know has the highest torque of them all. 

And that is the 20V MAX XR ½ Inch High Torque Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil. With 1030 feet-pounds of max fastening torque and 1400 feet-pounds of max breakaway torque, this tool has some serious power. 

It’s also designed to prevent overtightening, offers a variety of fastening applications, and increases your control with 4 different speed settings. 

Overall, users are extremely happy with both the torque power and the mechanics of this device from DeWalt. 

Final Thoughts

So, how much torque does a DeWalt 20V impact have? Well, that really depends on the model you opt for. 

While DeWalt 20V impact power tools can have anywhere from 150-1030 feet-pounds of torque, their power tools are considered some of the best, and most powerful in the industry. 

At the end of the day, you need to know how much torque you’re going to need for your project before you start shopping, as there are a lot of options to choose from.