If a Milwaukee charger blinks, it is usually an indicator that there is something wrong with the charger. Depending on the color of the blinking, it could either be an overheating problem or a malfunction with the charger hardware. 

Milwaukee Chargers Blink to Indicate Functionality

Milwaukee chargers generally have four separate light indicator modes that are designed to display different levels of functionality in the charger. 

These modes are:

  • Solid red
  • Solid green
  • Red blinking
  • Red/green blinking 

Each of these different lighting schemes tells users whether the charger is functioning and whether it needs to be replaced or not. 

Solid Red Light On Milwaukee Chargers

If a Milwaukee charger displays a solid red light, this indicates that the charger is functioning properly and is currently in charging mode. 

A solid red indicator light is a sign of normal functionality. 

If there is no blinking in the charger light indicator, then there’s no trouble with the charger. 

Why Won’t My Red Lit Milwaukee Charger Work?

What happens when your Milwaukee charger has a solid red indicator light but will not charge a power tool?

That is a likely indication that it is the power tool that has a malfunction and not the charger. A way to troubleshoot this issue is to place a different power tool on the charger than the one you initially used. 

If this new power tool charges and the other tool doesn’t, this confirms that the charging issue is with the power tool and not the charger itself. 

Blinking Red Light on Milwaukee Chargers

If your Milwaukee charger has a blinking red light, this indicates that the charger is operating out of its ideal temperature range. 

The charger can fall out of temperature range by being either too cold or too hot to charge efficiently. 

To prevent this problem with your Milwaukee charger, keep your battery charger in a temperature controlled environment. 

How to Fix a Blinking Red Milwaukee Charger

The most common cause of a red blinking light on a Milwaukee charger is overheating. 

The solution is to place the charger in either a warmer or colder environment and allow it to fall into the ideal temperature range for use. Ensure that the charger is placed in an area with plenty of ventilation and that it isn’t located in direct sunlight to prevent overheating. 

Once the charger falls into the correct temperature range, the charger indicator light should swap to a solid red state. This indicates normal charger functionality. 

Blinking Red and Green Light On Milwaukee Chargers

If your Milwaukee charger has an indicator light that is blinking red and green, this indicates that the charger is not charging properly. 

Here are a few things you can do to test functionality on your charger if it is blinking green and red: 

  • Check the charging port. If the battery is not seated firmly in position in the charging port, the charger will flash red and green to indicate a loose connection.
  • Check the connections. If the connections on the battery charger are dirty or damaged, this will prevent the battery from charging properly. 
  • Reset the PCB circuitry. In some cases, unplugging the charger from its power source and reconnecting it after the charger stops flashing. 
  • Check to ensure the battery is the same voltage as the battery pack. If a battery pack with a different voltage is used with an unequivalent charger, it will cause a malfunction indicator light. 

Another cause of a red and green blinking indicator light is a fully charged battery pack. If a battery is already fully charged, it may blink red and green instead of holding a solid green color.

If this occurs, the best course of action is to drain the battery pack before retrying it on a different charging station. 

If the battery takes a fresh charge from a known functional charger, then the battery is in good condition.

If the working life of the battery is noticeably shorter even after taking a fresh charge from a working charger, this is likely an indication that the lithium battery is worn out and needs replacement.

Solid Green Light on Milwaukee Chargers

If your Milwaukee charger has an indicator light that is solid green, this indicates that the charger is functioning properly and that the battery seated in it is fully charged.

When the charger indicator light is solid green, the battery that is on the charger can be removed and used.

No other steps need to be taken, as this light indicates that the charger is in working order.