Circular saw blades are probably the most ubiquitous and useful tool in the construction or home woodworker’s arsenal. But can you interchange miter and circular saw blades?

As long as the arbor (shaft/shank size), blade diameter, and the RPM rating for the saw match the saw blade, you should be able to use the circular saw blade in either a miter saw, or a circular saw.

There is a time and place where both a circular and miter saw are immensely useful. Even though they seem like very similar tools, they do completely different jobs.

Are Circular Saw Blades and Miter Saw Blades Interchangeable?

No one would blame you for thinking you could switch miter and circular saw blades back and forth because you generally can; you just need to be certain of some specs.

When attempting to interchange a circular and a miter saw blade; the most important factors are the RPM rating of the blade, the arbor size, and the diameter.

If you mismatch any of these factors, it can damage your tool or blades and the piece you are working on, and in some cases, even harm the person using the saw.

Miters Saws vs. Circular Saws

So, what is the difference between a circular and miter saw? They seem almost identical, except one has a base, but there are a few other main differences.

Miter Saws

Miter saws are great for making the same cut repeatedly. They have a base and can be set up to do the same cut repeatedly.

They are also great for cutting angles. The miter saw’s main job is to cut either at an angle on the X and Y axis. 

The main use for miter saws is for cutting trim, decking, or flooring that needs a particular angle.

Here are the best-rated miter saws on Amazon:

Ryobi 18-Volt 7-¼-inch ONE+ Cordless Compound Miter Saw
DEWALT 12-inch Miter Saw
BOSCH 10-inch Compact Miter Saw

Dewalt and Bosch are some of the top brands you can get in all woodworking tools.

Circular Saws

A circular saw is like the jack-of-all-trades saw of the home or construction site. You can rip cut or cross-cut with a circular saw. 

A circular saw is great when you need to make longer cuts than a miter saw or when you need to make long cuts on sheet goods.

They are also useful because they are more portable than a miter saw and can get into tighter places. Making them one of the most useful tools in home construction.

Here are the best-rated circular saws on Amazon:

Skil 7-¼-inch Circular Saw
Ryobi 7-¼-inch Adjustable Circular Saw
DEWALT 7-¼-inch Circular Saw w/ Electric Brake

Any of these saws would be good for an amateur woodworker, but the Dewalt will last the longest and the biggest beating.

Blade Diameter

The first important factor when deciding if your blade is interchangeable between your miter saw and a circular saw is the blade diameter.

The most typical blade diameter for circular saw blades are 7-¼”, 10”, and 12” blades. You want to ensure that your saw can handle the blade size you put in it.

A saw can use a smaller blade, but the clearances may be off, and other adjustments to the foot or base may be necessary to ensure safe operation.


The second important factor when deciding if your blade is interchangeable between your miter saw and a circular saw is the blade arbor.

The blade arbor is the hole in the blade’s center that seats around the shaft or shank of the circular or miter saw. If the arbor is mismatched, the blade can wobble and become unsafe.

There are spacers that some people use to adapt different size arbors to different shanks, but it is best to use the saw arbor that matches the shank of your tool.

RPM Rating

The last important factor when deciding if your blade is interchangeable between your miter saw and a circular saw is the blade and tool RPM rating.

Each tool has a certain number of RPMs (revolutions per minute) capable of. Each saw blade also has an RPM rating range for safe operation.

If you put a lower-rated RPM saw blade on a higher RPM tool, the saw blade may come apart at high RPMs and throw sharp metal pieces all around your shop.

In the best-case scenario, the saw blade and workpiece are ruined. In the worst-case scenario, someone has to go to the hospital. It is always best to be certain of the RPM rating.


Both miter and circular saws can use the same saw as long as the arbor, or shank size is the same, the RPM rating of the blade matches the tool, and the diameter of the blade is right.