When shopping for a new saw and comparing apples to oranges, one of the primary considerations for choosing a table saw is the amount of power needed. After all, doing more with one generator saves time and money for the average contractor. So how many amps does a Dewalt table saw use? 

Dewalt Table Saws use a maximum of fifteen amps regardless of the model or motor horsepower rating. Fifteen amps is a standard rating for most corded Dewalt power tools. 

Read on to learn more about how many amps a Dewalt table saw uses. 

What Size Breaker Do I Need for a 15 Amp Table Saw?

Almost all of Dewalt’s table saws have the same amperage, regardless of the model. 

The majority of Dewalt table saws operate at 15 amps, maximum. However, a 15-amp circuit breaker does not have enough capacity to run a 15-amp table saw. 

Resource distribution from the circuit will determine if the circuit trips or not under a load. Circuit breakers are designed to handle about 80% of their rated load. 

Factors That Play In What Breaker You’ll Need

That said, even if the table saw is the only thing running on a 15-amp circuit, it uses too much power and will trip the circuit every time.  

Some things to consider when setting up the circuit are: 

  1. What is the total maximum amperage that this circuit will use (breaker trips)
  2. How many devices will be on this circuit
  3. How many volts are being pushed through this circuit

Now, let’s see the next tip

Avoid Overloading Your Circuit

To calculate the breaker’s amperage requires a little algebra to figure out the full breaker size needed.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take the maximum load and use (Y) as the full breaker size. 
  2. Y= 15/(1 * .08) 
  3. Amperage divided by the product’s capacity, which is 80% giving the answer of 18 and 3/4 size circuit breakers to run the saw alone. 

That would be the minimum to run the saw alone without accessories. 

Always consult a professional, but that formula will help calculate the maximum load that should be plugged into the circuit and even helps avoid electrical fires. 

Increase Circuit Amperage

Accessories such as lights or even power cables that use little electricity to power that little red light are all using resources being passed through the circuit breaker. 

Every time the saw hits maximum stress, the circuit breaker will trip (because it uses all fifteen amps). 

Anything else plugged into the power strip will also use up some of those 15 amps the circuit breaker allows to pass through. 

A higher-rated amperage circuit breaker is highly recommended to avoid making several trips to the breaker to flip the switch. 

For example, if the load is light on the breaker, let’s say the saw, one lamp, a foot switch, etc. Five extra amps should be enough; however, if the circuit runs other power tools, it should be doubled. 

How Many Watts Does a Dewalt Table Saw Use?

Generators provide electricity for job sites and many other uses. Using Watt’s Law, the way to calculate the wattage of any device is to take the amperage and multiply it by the voltage. 

This calculation can be the difference between a good day and a day without electricity because the generator keeps shutting off. 

A 15-amp Dewalt Table Saw will use 1800 watts when connected to a one-hundred and twenty-volt outlet at total capacity.  

Remember that the wattage will fluctuate as the table saw uses power. 

Therefore, when the table saw is under stress, such as when making a cut, the saw will naturally be using more of that 15 amp rating than when resting at Idle. 

This is because the table saw will not use maximum power unless it is under maximum stress; it will use much less wattage under normal operating conditions. 

On the job site, one may work with several types of material. 15 amps is a good amount of power that will cut through almost anything. 

Remember that a higher amperage rating does not necessarily mean that the saw performs better than a lower-rated one. The key is to find what works for one’s specific needs. 

Choosing the Best Dewalt Table Saw Just Got Easier

Choosing the best Dewalt table saw has more to do with personal preference for blade size and capacity since all Dewalt table saws use the same maximum amperage. 

In addition, making sure the correct breaker is installed to run that saw is easier to calculate and will help avoid electrical fires.