DeWalt and Milwaukee are popular power tool manufacturers. Both brands have their own battery lines that provide plenty of benefits to users. Those who have both types of batteries may wonder if they are interchangeable.

On average, DeWalt and Milwaukee batteries are interchangeable. Some aspects need to be taken into account before interchanging them, but with some knowledge, it can be easily done.

With DeWalt and Milwaukee batteries, it’s great to be able to use them interchangeably as you wish. If you are interested in how to do this, read on to find out.

Are DeWalt and Milwaukee Batteries Interchangeable?

The DeWalt Industrial Tool Company was founded in 1924. It has gone on to provide extensive lines of tools, batteries, and numerous other accessories.

Milwaukee and DeWalt are owned by different companies, Stanley Black & Decker and Techtronic Industries, respectively. Despite this, their batteries can be interchangeable.

DeWalt and Milwaukee batteries are interchangeable as long as care is taken to check sizes before using them as such. There may be differences in sizes depending on the battery and the tool in question.

There are many advantages to using DeWalt and Milwaukee tools interchangeably. It provides more convenience, and you can get to explore the benefits offered by each brand.

Can I Use a DeWalt Battery on a Milwaukee Tool?

Most Milwaukee tools currently available use lithium-ion batteries, usually 20V ones.

While Milwaukee provides batteries for all their tools, you may want to use DeWalt batteries instead, especially if you have them to hand.

You can use a DeWalt battery on a Milwaukee tool if you ensure they are compatible. This involves checking the size of the batteries, the connections, and the voltage.

The last characteristic, in particular, is essential to getting a DeWalt battery to work on a Milwaukee tool.

At times, you may experience a difference in compatibility between a DeWalt battery and a Milwaukee tool that may get in the way of interchanging them.

If this happens, you may consider opting for an adapter.

How to Use DeWalt Batteries in Milwaukee Tools

You can choose to use DeWalt batteries in Milwaukee tools and vice versa. They can be easily interchangeable, but you may need to use an adapter to avoid compatibility issues.

Battery adapters offer a straightforward solution to interchanging batteries.

When you get an adapter for power tool batteries like the DeWalt and the Milwaukee, you should check that you’re getting the right one for the voltage you use.

If you want to use DeWalt batteries in the Milwaukee tool, the adapter will help.

An adapter should be able to support 20V if the power tool and the batteries used are in that range.

Ensuring that you are using the compatible voltage will go a long way in making your experience as satisfying as possible.

Each adapter offers compatibility with particular types of power tools.

Many DeWalt battery adapters have an option to be used with Milwaukee batteries too, which highlights the interchangeability of these two battery brands.

What Batteries Are Compatible with DeWalt?

This can vary depending on the battery and the tool. The most important aspect of compatibility is ensuring that the power tool and the battery are using the same voltage.

What makes Milwaukee and DeWalt batteries interchangeable is the easy compatibility in terms of size and voltage.

DeWalt batteries are generally compatible with many other types of power tools from different brands.

DeWalt tools also tend to be compatible with other types of batteries as long as the voltage is the same and the size fits.

There is one big exception to this norm. Flexvolt batteries are compatible with DeWalt power tools, especially the 20V and 60V ones.

However, Flexvolt power tools only use Flexvolt batteries. DeWalt batteries can’t be used with any Flexvolt tools, as they aren’t compatible.

As we’ve seen, interchangeability is much easier regarding Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries.

Are DeWalt and Milwaukee Owned by the Same Company?

You may be wondering if this easy interchangeability is due to DeWalt and Milwaukee being owned by the same company.

Despite this compatibility, these two brands are owned by different manufacturing companies.

DeWalt is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker, which owns numerous other tool brands. Milwaukee Tool is owned by Techtronic Industries.

The two companies are not related professionally and do not have any crossover or partnership.

The compatibility between the two brands goes to show that they are practical choices with plenty of adaptability.

After being founded in 1924, Milwaukee Tool went on to become the largest supplier of cordless power tools in North America based on volume.

DeWalt is one of the most popular brands offering power tools and hardware.

Ensuring that these two huge brands can work easily together is a great way to establish the quality of both.


DeWalt and Milwaukee batteries can be interchangeable as long as they use the same voltage and the same size.