Tree stumps are an inevitable part of owning property. They are known for painstaking removal, which makes many property owners ask are circular saws good for cutting tree stumps?

To cut tree stumps using a circular saw, you need to consider the stump’s size. The larger the stump, the larger the circular saw you need to do the job safely. 

Now that you know that circular saws are good for cutting tree stumps keep reading to learn how to utilize them and which circular saws are the best to get the job done.

Cutting Large Stumps With Circular Saws

Circular saws are a great option when tackling large stumps or trees in the backyard, especially if you’re installing a new patio

The larger the tree or the stump, the larger the required blade. 

Circular saw blades are made of steel and come in various sizes. Some of the most common sizes are

  • Handheld Size: 4.5 – 7.25 inches
  • Tile Size: 7 inch or 10 inch
  • Table Saw Size: 8.25 inches or 10 inches
  • Miter Saw Size: 7.25 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches
  • Circular Saw Size: 14 inches

Typically, handheld circular saws are the best option for removing and cutting tree stumps. This is because they have larger blades that will cut through the wood faster.

Circular Saw Cutting Angle

When using a circular saw to cut a stump, the user must go in at the appropriate angle. 

The angle prevents damage and creates easier stump removal.

The recommended cutting angle of a stump with a circular saw is a 13-degree angle. This angle can be mildly adjusted as the cutting continues and the stump is removed.

When using a circular saw, it is important to note that the stump will come out in pieces. 

Be sure to cut the pieces into manageable chunks as they are heavy to carry and move.

Direction of the Cuts

After determining the proper angle for the circular saw, it is important to understand the best way to cut up the stump. 

It is best to use criss-cross cuts on the stump. 

Cut into the stump at the blade depth, which is typically three inches. The stump will fall apart into small pieces. 

This criss-cross method allows easy tree stump removal with the risk of cutting large pieces that are too cumbersome to carry. 

Wear tight-fitting clothes and watch the direction of the wood and the blade to improve safety further when cutting wood or stumps.

Best Circular Saws

If you do not have a circular saw, but are interested in buying one for home use or stump removal, then the list below provides top-quality options for your home.

Circular SawWhy We Love It
Skil 15 AmpLaser beam guide, 7.25 inch saw, 300 RPM for faster cuts
PowerSmart 14 AmpHigh-speed cutting, angle adjustment, durable blades
DeWalt Flexvolt90 degree bevel, electric brake stop, integrated rafter hook
Bosch CS10Soft grip handle, saw hook, anti-snag lower guard
Black + DeckerVariable speed trigger, tool-free blade change, pivoting shoe
MakitaMagnesium components, 15 amp, LED built-in lights
RyobiTransparent lower guard, extra side handle, adjustable bevel

Each of these circular saws are great additions to any home tool kit. They are compatible with multiple types and sizes of blades and have impressive warranties.

You can truly consider buying a circular saw a great investment because you can cut many materials, including railroad ties and rebar

Stump Removal Precautions

When performing stump removal with a circular saw or otherwise, it is of the utmost importance to use safety precautions. The following should be used when removing stumps:

  • Helmet: When removing stumps and trees, a helmet is important so that branches and debris do not fly up and cause a concussion or head injury.
  • Face shield/Goggles: Face shields and goggles prevent dust, wood, and debris from entering the eye and causing permanent damage.
  • Gloves: Gloves prevent splinters and provide a better grip on the circular saw to prevent unfortunate accidents.
  • Earmuffs/Plugs: Circular saws and tree removal is loud. This can damage hearing if subjected to certain decibel levels for long periods. Earmuffs/plugs help to reduce the damage to the ears.
  • Work shoes: Steel toe boots provide safety for the feet in case of a falling branch, a flying chunk of the stump, or other similar heavy blunt impact.
  • Protective clothing: Select clothing that is close to the body. This prevents the saw from catching the clothing and causing an accident.

You should also ensure that you’re working in a dry environment.

It is of the utmost importance to wear safety clothing when using a circular saw, as it protects the body from any flying debris.

Circular Saws: Good For Stump Removal

Due to the versatile nature of the circular saw, it is the perfect tool to remove stumps. Paired with proper safety equipment, you’ll have a clean yard in no time.