There are many different materials you may want to cut as a tradesperson or artist. One of the most beautiful and versatile materials is glass, and the tool of choice in many workshops is a circular saw.

You can cut glass with a circular saw. The best type of circular saw blade to cut glass with is a diamond blade. Before cutting glass with a circular saw, be sure to put on all the necessary safety gear, including safety goggles and gloves.

Can You Cut Glass with a Circular Saw? 

You can use a circular saw to cut glass, but there are things you should consider before doing so. 

It is important to wear safety goggles and gloves when cutting glass. You will also need to use the correct type of blade to prevent chips.

Personal Safety Tips for Cutting Glass with a Circular Saw

Before you cut glass with a circular saw, it’s important to take all the correct steps to ensure not only the best cut, but also your personal safety. These include:

  • The type of blade you use
  • Keeping the glass wet 
  • Wearing the correct safety gear 

These three things are essential to keep in mind when you’re cutting glass with a circular saw.

Use the Correct Blade

A diamond blade is the best blade to use for cutting glass with a circular saw. 

However, these blades are made primarily for cutting ceramic. For this reason, you will need to choose one that will work perfectly with glass. 

To cut glass with a circular saw, choose either a high-concentration diamond blade or a blade made specifically for glass. A high-concentration blade cuts faster and does not heat up as much, but can leave chips on the edges. A glass-specific blade gives a much smoother cut, but works more slowly. 

Keep the Glass Wet 

For best results, you’ll need to wet the area of the glass you’re cutting with a circular saw. 

It is important for the spot to stay wet, or the blade will heat up too much and won’t cut as smoothly.

Make sure the water is correctly dispersed. If the blade does not get water at the spot where it is cutting, it will have no positive impact. 

Wear the Correct Safety Gear 

Another important aspect of cutting glass with a circular saw is the safety gear you use.

Just like you would when using the circular saw to cut other materials, you will need to be careful of your clothing. 

Don’t wear anything loose-fitting that can get caught in the blade. It is also best to remove any jewelry, and safety goggles are a must. 

Normally, you would not use gloves while using a circular saw. They can be caught in the blade and cause injury. 

But, when working with glass, you will need to wear gloves. This is because glass can splinter and cut you. 

How to Cut Glass with a Circular Saw

For the best results, it’s essential to follow the correct steps when cutting glass with a circular saw.

Follow these steps to safely cut glass with a circular saw:

  • Install the correct blade.
  • Secure the glass.
  • Begin cutting the glass.
  • Use masking tape to prevent splinters. 
  • Smooth the glass. 

Below, we’ll discuss each step in-depth.

Install the Correct Blade 

The first step is to get your saw ready to use. This includes installing the correct blade and making sure the circuit is working correctly. 

At this stage, you can also attach the water tank or make sure the water source you will be using works correctly to ensure a steady flow of water onto the cutting field. 

Secure the Glass 

If you’re cutting a large piece of glass, use a clamp to hold it in place so you can safely cut in a straight line.

If you’re cutting a smaller piece of glass, hold it tightly to make sure you can cut in a straight line. Don’t hold it too firmly, however, or the glass may shatter.

Begin Cutting the Glass

Once everything is in place, move the blade towards the glass. Don’t force it. The blade should be doing all the work, and it could take some time to cut through it.  

Use Masking Tape to Prevent Splinters

You don’t want any jagged edges when you are finished cutting. One way to stop splinters is by adding masking tape to the spot you will be cutting. 

The tape will hold any splinters, making the process safer for you. 

Smooth the Glass 

After you finish cutting, you will need to smooth the cut. This can be done using a sanding tool or emery cloth