Milwaukee batteries are of higher quality than most lithium-ion batteries. The cells within the batteries are developed from newer technology, which makes the battery perform better.

Coin cell batteries occasionally need to be replaced. Pay attention to the health level of your batteries, and if the message displayed reads “poor,” you need to replace those cells before the status reads “dead.” You must take steps to detach and replace your tool’s coin cell battery. 

Milwaukee batteries are constantly being worked on and improved. If you want to know more about whether you can replace the cells in a Milwaukee battery, peruse this article. 

When Do I Replace a Milwaukee Battery?

Lithium coin cells are little discs that are light that are used in low-power applications, and they are inclined to have a long shelf life. However, they are not rechargeable. 

They can vary in size, ranging from 5 to 25 millimeters in diameter and 1 to 6 millimeters in height. The coin cell battery in your Milwaukee tool provides coin cell battery status so that you may be able to replace them in time. 

If the status of your coin cell in your lithium-ion battery is displayed as “poor,” it is time for it to be replaced. You must take care of it before the status goes from “poor” to “dead.” 

Lithium-ion batteries can last for about three years or longer, but keeping an eye on the battery’s cells is essential to ensure they function correctly. 

How to Remove and Replace Your Tool’s Coin Cell Battery

An example of a tool that has a lithium-ion with coin cells is the Milwaukee drill. 

The coin cell is typically placed in the battery bay, which ensures that the battery can be added where it does not impede the tool. 

The steps required to replace coin cell battery:

  1. Locate the battery bay on the tool
  2. Find the coin cell battery component
  3. Unscrew the screws keeping the coin cell in place
  4. Pull the plastic strip out of the tool
  5. See the green computer chip with a coin cell battery 
  6. Pull out the green computer chip
  7. Pull coin cell battery from compartment 

After you have completed the above steps, replace the old cell battery with the new one. Replace the coin cell battery module with its new one and put the plastic ribbon in place. 

10 years is the maximum time you can expect a coin cell to last. 

What Cells Are In Milwaukee Batteries?

Milwaukee tools are known for their excellence and high functionality. It is no surprise that the batteries used in them are constantly improving. 

The standard batteries are made with 18650 cells. The new and improved high-output batteries are made with larger 21700 cells. 

The lithium-ion battery cells are available at higher charge capacities, providing more prolonged use. 

Milwaukee M18 lithium-ion batteries, for example, take the game up a notch, giving a more extended performance in a smaller package.  

What Makes Milwaukee Batteries Top Notch?

Some lithium-ion batteries used in Milwaukee tools are specifically designed to maximize the lifetime of Milwaukee tools. 

They will operate and store the charge in quality lithium cells to keep your devices working at a top-notch level. Milwaukee created redlink intelligence with the consumer in mind. 

Redlink chips will provide the following benefits:

  • Protect the motor from excessive power that leads to overheating
  • Provide improved fail safes between batteries, tools, and charger
  • Produce better output which results in less charging
  • It gives your device a longer lifespan and better output 

Milwaukee batteries are built better than most. Milwaukee tools contain larger lithium cells, which gives the company the confidence to provide a better guarantee. 

Lithium-ion cells are an essential aspect of making a quality battery. Milwaukee batteries offer more significant runtime and better power and recharge. 

All Milwaukee M18 tool systems are compatible with M18 batteries so that you can apply the same battery for your cordless drill kit, your impact driver, and your other M 18 Milwaukee tools. You can power many devices with just one battery. 

Battery Cell Technology

Battery cells and the technology within them are what make a battery work well. 

Battery cells can affect:

  • Runtime
  • Lifespan
  • Power output
  • Heat production

Milwaukee tools’ two most common battery cells are 18650 cells and 21700 cells. The numbers represent the size of the cell. 

21700 cells are a newer form suitable for more extensive and powerful tools. 

The new battery cells are more significant than the older ones, and there is a pronounced increase in the size of the batteries. 

These batteries were specifically designed for tools that demand more power output, such as every M18 tool in Milwaukee’s tools. 


It is recommended that you pay attention to the status of your coin cell battery to know when it is time to replace it. You want to make sure you have new cells ready to go when the time comes.