DeWalt provides some of the most popular and beloved power tools on the market. And while you may already know that you want a DeWalt drill, you should understand the tools completely before making a purchase. The drill bits that come with the DeWalt drill are just as important as the machine itself, so let’s find out what DeWalt drill bits are made of. 

DeWalt drill bits come in a variety of materials including black and gold, titanium, cobalt, oxide, and tool steel. While each option has pros and cons, the best material for your DeWalt drill bits depends completely on the material you plan to work with. 

In this article, we are going to dive into the details of exactly what DeWalt drill bits are made of. As well as what the different materials should be used for so that you can confidently decide which DeWalt drill bits are best for your projects!

What Are DeWalt Drill Bits Made Of?

The first thing you need to understand about DeWalt drill bits is that there are many different options to choose from. 

DeWalt drill bits can be made out of the following materials:

  • Black & Gold
  • Titanium
  • Cobalt
  • Oxide 
  • Tool Steel

Each of these options have various pros and cons. Now, we’re going to find out just what they are and what they have to offer! 

Black & Gold

When shopping for drills or drill bits with DeWalt, one of the most common types of drill bits you’ll see are called black and gold. But what are Dewalt black and gold drill bits actually made out of?

They are made of high-speed steel, which is the preferred material for drill bits in the industry, and you can use black & gold drill bits on plastic, metal, and wood. 

Black & gold, or high-speed steel bits, are best for drills that operate at high speeds into tough materials. 


Next, DeWalt offers drill bits that are coated with titanium. Usually, these bits are made from high-speed steel, but the titanium coating can allow the drill bits to last up to 6x longer than stand HSS bits! 

The titanium coating is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant, and they can safely cut steel, iron, and various other strong materials without wearing down. 


Cobalt drill bits from DeWalt are still considered HSS bits, but they have a little more to offer than their black and gold counterparts. 

With cobalt in the drill bit, it will likely last longer and is certainly more resistant to heat and abrasion. 

You can use a cobalt drill bit at extremely high speeds and it can easily cut through strong materials such as stainless steel or titanium.


You will also see many DeWalt drill bits advertised as black oxide bits. In this case, it’s not actually the material but a heat treatment on the bits. 

With black oxide, the high-speed steel bits are heated up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. After which, they are protected from corrosion and rust, can last up to 50% longer, and have a far better resistance to friction than standard HSS bits. 

Black oxide treated DeWalt drill bits can be used for almost any material, including but not limited to steel, wood, PVC, copper, or drywall. 

Tool Steel

While tool steel is often the most affordable option for drill bits from DeWalt, they are also the least durable. 

Tool steels often need to be sharpened in order to prolong their use. And while they can cut through plastics and soft woods, you cannot use tool steel bits on strong metals. 

Which Material is Best for DeWalt Drill Bits?

Now that you understand the various options for DeWalt drill bit materials, you may want to know which one you should opt for. 

At the end of the day, any drill bit that is made from high-speed steel is the best option for your DeWalt drill. 

But that being said, whether you want to use the standard black and gold, the titanium coated, or the black oxide heated bits depends completely on the material you plan to use for your project. 

As promised, you now have all the information you need about DeWalt drill bits in order to confidently decide which material is right for you! 

Final Thoughts

So, what are DeWalt drill bits made of? Well, hopefully, you now know that DeWalt drill bits come in many different types of materials. 

But just in case you forgot, you can get DeWalt drill bits in black and gold HSS, titanium, black oxide, cobalt, or tool steel. 

And you also know which materials are best for which jobs! Another great feature about the various DeWalt drill bits is that they are all covered under a lifetime warranty! 

So if your drill bits malfunction or need replacement, don’t worry! You can reach out to DeWalt and they will send you a new set at any time.