Do you have a DeWalt drill and want to understand which batteries you have that will work with the device? Then you have found exactly the article you were looking for! We are going to find out right now if you can use a 20V battery in a 12V DeWalt drill and why the voltage matters. 

You cannot use a 20V battery in a 12V DeWalt drill. Even if the batteries are produced by DeWalt and fit the drill, if they are not the same voltage, they will not function properly with the appliance. You must use a 12V battery with a 12V drill. 

When it comes to taking care of your DeWalt power tools, you need to understand how they work. So keep reading! In just a few moments, you’re not only going to know what batteries you can and can’t use with different tools, but also why it is so important that you use the right ones. 

What Does Voltage Mean for DeWalt Power Tools & Batteries?

Before we dig into the details of why you can’t use a 20V battery in a 22V DeWalt drill, you should first understand what the “V” stands for. 

When you see a 60V, 20V, or 12V power tool or battery, it means that they each have a different voltage. 

Now, voltage in power tools is essentially the power it has. The higher the voltage, the more force the device can use to get the job done. And the battery voltage portrays how much power the cell can generate. 

In order for the power tool to function properly and safely, the battery voltage absolutely needs to match the device voltage. 

Can I Use a 20V Battery in a 12V DeWalt Drill?

So, can you use a 20V battery in a 12V DeWalt drill? The answer is a little complicated. 

It is important to understand that even though you are not supposed to use a 12V DeWalt drill with a 20V battery. If you’ve tried it, you probably noticed that the drill will actually function with the wrong battery.

But even if the battery looks similar, fits properly in your DeWalt drill, and works when you turn on the drill, you still should not use it if it doesn’t have the exact same voltage as the drill itself. 

What Happens if I Use the Wrong Battery for My DeWalt Drill?

Now, you might be wondering: If it works, why should you not use a 20V battery with a 12V drill? 

While a 12V drill will work temporarily with a 20V battery, it can and likely will cause lasting damage to the appliance. 

When you use a higher voltage battery for a power tool it can cause the appliance to overcharge and it can reduce the tool’s lifespan. 

As well as causing damage to the DeWalt drill, if your tool breaks because of overcharge, the warranty will be considered void as you did not follow proper care instructions. 

How to Know Which Batteries I Can Use in a DeWalt Drill

It is also vital to note that if you have several power tools and rechargeable batteries at home, they can be used interchangeably. But only if you follow a few important rules. 

As you now know, the voltage of the device and the battery have to be identical. I.eThey are both 60V, 20V, 12V, etc. And luckily, the voltage will always be printed in large font on the side of the DeWalt drill and battery. 

However, there are two more rules that you also need to pay attention to. 

  • Only DeWalt batteries can be used with DeWalt tools. 
  • The ampere-hours of the drill and the battery also need to be identical. 

The good news is that, like the voltage, the DeWalt name and the ampere hours (or Ah) will be clearly visible on the side of both the drill and the battery. 

And you now have all the information you need to ensure you keep your DeWalt drill and battery functioning properly by using them correctly! 

The Bottom Line

Let’s recap! Can you use a 20V battery in a 12V DeWalt drill

While technically, if the 20V battery is made by DeWalt it may fit into the 12V drill and even work for the time being. 

However, you should not use a 20V battery in a 12V DeWalt drill as it will lead to overcharge which will both damage your drill and make your DeWalt warranty null and void. 

But now, you not only have the answer to your original question, you also understand the why behind it. 

And now you can feel confident figuring out which of your DeWalt tools and batteries in your tool shed are safe to use together!