DeWalt batteries are a great addition to the overall excellent quality of DeWalt power tools. There are three main types of DeWalt batteries, each with its own series of advantages. When purchasing them, you may wonder in what charging state they will arrive.

As a general rule, DeWalt batteries come fully charged on delivery. This can vary depending on the condition you buy them in and where you buy them from. Knowing how to keep the battery healthy after purchase will extend its life.

DeWalt batteries are always a popular choice for power tool enthusiasts. If you are interested in buying them, you should read on below to find out whether they come fully charged.

Do DeWalt Batteries Come Fully Charged?

DeWalt batteries are created by the power tool company DeWalt, one of the leaders in the industry.

The brand is currently specializing in lithium-ion batteries, which come in three main categories: DeWalt Flexvolt, DeWalt Atomic, and DeWalt XR.

When you buy new DeWalt batteries, they will usually arrive fully charged.

This may differ if you buy second-hand or refurbished batteries, but otherwise, you can expect to be able to use them right away.

Depending on the vendor, they may have a partial charge instead.

DeWalt batteries arriving fully charged means that you can enjoy their many benefits in your power tools without having to wait.

Purchasing DeWalt batteries either to try them out for the first time or as replacements tends to be a satisfactory experience.

Before purchasing, make sure you buy the right voltage and the right type for your power tools. This will also help in being able to use them straight away once they arrive.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a New DeWalt Battery?

Once your new DeWalt battery level decreases, you should charge it for the first time.

When using a DeWalt battery charger, you will usually only have to wait around an hour to get the battery to full charge.

You will be able to tell when the new DeWalt battery is charging by looking at the LED light on it. This light is red and will keep flashing while the battery is getting charged.

When it reaches full charge, the LED light will glow continuously without flashing.

Once the full charge is reached, you will be able to use your DeWalt battery again.

The DeWalt battery chargers work in one-hour charge cycles, which is the time you will usually have to wait for a full charge if the battery is near depletion.

You may notice this changing with the passing of time, especially the frequency of charge, but this is a normal part of battery life.

While you charge the battery, you may be tempted to leave it in the charger for longer. Let’s take a look at how this might affect the DeWalt battery in the long run.

Is It Better to Leave DeWalt Battery on Charger?

You may have heard that it isn’t good to leave devices on charge after they reach 100%.

While this may be true of other devices, DeWalt battery chargers offer many advantages to leaving the battery in after full charge has been achieved.

Once a DeWalt battery charges to 100%, it will automatically go into maintenance mode. This will keep the battery ready to go at full charge without overwhelming it.

When you are ready to use it once more, you can take it off the charger at any time with no impact on battery life or performance.

Can You Overcharge DeWalt Battery?

The current DeWalt battery chargers prevent overcharging by going into maintenance mode no matter how long you leave the battery in the charger.

If you want to fully avoid any problems with battery life and play it safe, you should remove it from the charger once it is full.

You generally have nothing to worry about regarding overcharging DeWalt batteries unless you use a charger that isn’t provided by the brand.

In that case, you will have to take extra care while charging because it will likely not have the automatic maintenance mode provided by DeWalt.

In that case, overcharging the battery is possible.

Best Practices for DeWalt Battery Life

DeWalt batteries are some of the most resilient options available, but you can always engage in best practices to preserve battery life for as long as possible.

Here is what you should do to take care of your DeWalt battery:

  • Avoid full discharge: You should never let your DeWalt battery run fully out of charge before you do something about it. Depletion puts a lot of strain on the battery.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Being in an environment that is too cold or too hot will affect the charge of the DeWalt battery. Try to only charge it at room temperature whenever possible.
  • Keep batteries away from moisture: This may seem like an obvious rule, but moisture will affect batteries, including their charge. Try to keep them away from rain and other humidity to make sure they remain in good condition.


In general, DeWalt batteries come fully charged when you purchase them. This will be different depending on where you buy them from and whether they are new or not, but you should usually expect them to be ready to use the moment you get them.