Being able to use DeWalt batteries with your Stanley tools would really simplify things in the power tools department, so can you?

As a general rule, you can use DeWalt batteries with Stanley. DeWalt batteries are generally more compatible with other brands, and Stanley is no exception. There are some reasons that explain this compatibility.

The success of DeWalt batteries makes them a tempting prospect for any power tool users. If you have a Stanley power tool that you are looking to use with DeWalt batteries, read on below to find out more about how this partnership can work.

Can You Use DeWalt Batteries with Stanley?

DeWalt batteries are frequently praised by power tool users for their reliability. This is one of the main reasons that makes them so attractive to buyers.

DeWalt offers its own range of power tools, but people want to use the batteries in others too.

DeWalt batteries can be used with Stanley power tools like the nail gun and electric staple.

There are some exceptions to this, but you will usually be able to power up a Stanley with DeWalt batteries in easy ways.

Choosing to use DeWalt batteries with Stanley can increase the advantages of all the items involved.

DeWalt batteries hold a great charge, and they are very resilient.

They are also on the affordable side, so buyers can feel the savings they are making while still getting a great quality product.

DeWalt batteries have great compatibility with power tools from other brands that use the same voltage.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the main reason behind how well DeWalt batteries work with Stanley.

Are Stanley and DeWalt the Same?

Stanley and DeWalt are different brands, but they are owned by the same company, Stanley Black & Decker.

This explains why the products from each brand are designed to have a certain level of compatibility that allows DeWalt batteries to be used with Stanley devices.

While Stanley and DeWalt are subsidiaries of the same company, they are not the same.

They have their own history and their own approach to the business, and both of them are lauded for their quality independent of each other.

Being under the same umbrella does help in bringing them together when it comes to their products being used at the same time by buyers.

This helps with establishing the practical compatibility between them, like DeWalt batteries being used for Stanley tools.

Both these brands have storied pasts, with DeWalt founded in 1924 in Pennsylvania and Stanley founded in 1857.

They have both made a name for themselves in the world of power tools and the batteries that sustain them.

Stanley and DeWalt have also both earned the trust of buyers in North America through their dependability.

While most DeWalt batteries can be used with Stanley power tools, this has changed recently.

What Batteries Are Compatible with Stanley Fatmax?

Stanley Fatmax is an updated range of power tools released by Stanley.

These new versions of power tools do not have as much compatibility with DeWalt as their predecessors.

This new V20 range of tools has earned great reviews from Stanley users, so the lack of compatibility with DeWalt batteries hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm.

As long as you are aware that you can only use DeWalt batteries with previous models of Stanley power tools, you won’t be hindered by this new range.

If you want to make sure that you are using only compatible batteries with Stanley Fatmax, you should stick to those manufactured by Stanley.

Do DeWalt Batteries Fit Anything Else?

DeWalt batteries are some of the most interchangeable batteries on the market. They fit many other tools from different brands, with one notable exception.

Flexvolt power tools are not compatible with DeWalt batteries.

Despite this, Flexvolt batteries can be used with Dewalt power tools, which means they’re not interchangeable.

However, if you have some Flexvolt batteries lying around, you can use them with 20V and 60V DeWalt power tools, which can help whenever you need them.

What Tool Brands Have Interchangeable Batteries?

Interchangeable batteries make the experience of using power tools much more streamlined.

It also gives you access to experimenting with the benefits of different batteries until you find the ones that are most suited to you and your tools.

Many power tool brands operate with interchangeable batteries. This increases their versatility and makes them much more practical options.

Among the brands that use interchangeable batteries, you’ll find the most popular ones on the North American market.

This includes names like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Toro, and Makita, with many others offering at least some interchangeable options in their range like Stanley does.

It has been proven that offering interchangeable batteries simplifies the process of using power tools.

This is why DeWalt batteries can be used with Stanley power tools. Operating under the same parent company has contributed to this path.


You can use DeWalt batteries with Stanley, even though you can’t use them with the Stanley Fatmax range.

Stanley and DeWalt are owned by the same company but operate individually, yet they still offer great compatibility between their products.