Craftsman tools are popular for their affordability. This line of tools has been helping DIY enthusiasts for many years with high-quality products. As a fan of Craftsman tools, you may be wondering if you can use DeWalt batteries on them.

As a general rule, you should use the same brand and voltage of batteries on Craftsman. You can use DeWalt batteries on Craftsman in some circumstances, especially with the use of an adapter.

DeWalt batteries are a reliable choice for power tools. If you have Craftsman tools, read on below to find out more about using DeWalt batteries on them.

Can You Use DeWalt Batteries on Craftsman?

Craftsman tools were first launched in 1927. The brand has since progressed in many ways, but it continues to provide high-quality tools at affordable prices.

Craftsman is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker, the manufacturing company that also owns DeWalt.

Most Craftsman power tools currently available use 20V lithium-ion batteries. DeWalt offers many of these batteries.

It is advisable to stick to the same brand of batteries as much as possible, but you can use DeWalt batteries on Craftsman as long as they are the exact same voltage.

With DeWalt batteries known for their reliability, you may feel tempted to use them in your Craftsman tools when the time comes for a change.

How Do You Fit a DeWalt Battery into a Craftsman?

When you make the decision to change your Craftsman tool batteries and use DeWalt, you will have to make sure they are compatible.

The best way to ensure the fit between DeWalt batteries and Craftsman tools is to use an adapter.

For example, battery adapters like this USB option are a great choice for Craftsman C3 19.2V cordless tools.

An adapter allows you to use DeWalt batteries like the 20V MAX on Craftsman tools. This is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of DeWalt batteries and Craftsman tools at once.

The lightweight design of an adapter provides a straightforward and efficient additional tool for your Craftsman tools.

When you choose an adapter, make sure it is compatible both with the Craftsman tool you are using and the DeWalt batteries you have.

In some cases, DeWalt batteries won’t have the right connections to fit into a Craftsman. An adapter helps with that problem.

Are DeWalt and Craftsman Batteries Interchangeable?

Craftsman tools tend to use specific Craftsman batteries. There are also specially designed chargers to keep your tools powered up whenever you need them.

Usually, it’s best to use Craftsman batteries for your Craftsman tools.

Despite this, you may want to explore the other benefits offered by other batteries on the market, like DeWalt.

While they are not always exactly the same and, therefore, not always interchangeable, there are ways to use them together.

You may think that the voltage is the only aspect that has to be the same on DeWalt and Craftsman batteries to make them interchangeable, but more has to be established.

You should check that the connections are compatible and that your chosen DeWalt batteries will fit on Craftsman.

When you find the right way to enjoy DeWalt batteries on Craftsman, you will be able to get the best out of both products.

What Batteries Are Compatible with Craftsman Tools?

Craftsman tools tend to mostly use 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries with 20V capacity. In this case, you will have to find batteries that fit in terms of voltage and also connections and size.

Not all batteries will fit, but some offerings from DeWalt will be able to work on Craftsman.

When checking for compatibility with Craftsman tools, make sure to find the right professional high-performance cells.

The same brand is always a good choice, and you should always get the exact same voltage to make sure your power tools will respond well to the new batteries.

Compatibility is essential when getting new batteries for your Craftsman tools.

Before you purchase DeWalt batteries, get all the information you need to ensure that they will work with the tools you are using.

What Are the Benefits of DeWalt Batteries on Craftsman?

You can always use Craftsman batteries on Craftsman tools, but there are reasons why you may be tempted to switch to DeWalt batteries instead.

Here are the main benefits of using DeWalt batteries on Craftsman:

  • Increased power: This is provided by DeWalt batteries in a build that is lighter and more compact.
  • Increased charge: Current DeWalt batteries provide extra cycles of charge, which will give you longer battery life for your Craftsman tools.
  • Affordability: The main draw cited by Dewalt users is the price range offered by the brand.

No matter what DeWalt batteries you want to use for your Craftsman tools, as long as they’re compatible, you can get many advantages from them.


You can use some DeWalt batteries on Craftsman as long as they are compatible with voltage and connections.

To avoid some of these compatibility issues, you can use an adapter to make sure you get the most out of placing DeWalt batteries in Craftsman tools.