Dewalt batteries can last for years, thanks to their exceptionally durable and rechargeable design, but it isn’t uncommon for them to become damaged from tough jobs and general wear and tear. Since DeWalt batteries aren’t cheap, you might be wondering if they can be repaired instead of replaced.

Whether your DeWalt battery can be repaired depends on the issue it’s experiencing. Some damaged components can be replaced for a quick fix, and many charging issues can be troubleshot with various methods. However, the cost to repair significant damage often exceeds purchasing a new battery.

In this article, we’ll list your options for repairing a DeWalt battery and discuss when it is more cost-efficient to replace it instead.

How Can I Repair My DeWalt Battery?

There are several reasons why you might need to repair a DeWalt battery, including damage from drops or impact, corrosion from exposure to the elements, or simply wear and tear from extended use.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to try and repair your battery:

  • Troubleshoot common minor issues yourself
  • Hire a power tool repair specialist
  • Hire a power tool battery specialist
  • Send it to DeWalt

Determining which option is best for will depend on why your DeWalt battery needs repairs, your budget, and your level of knowledge and skill with these components.

Everyone’s situation is different, so you’ll want to consider your options before deciding how to move forward with repairing your DeWalt battery.

Troubleshoot Common Minor Issues Yourself

Oftentimes, when a DeWalt battery suddenly stops working properly, the culprit is something simple that you can fix yourself.

Charging issues are undoubtedly the most common reason why these batteries stop working. Luckily, many people find they can fix this issue by using the troubleshooting methods listed below:

  • Clean the contacts to remove any dirt, rust, or oils
  • Charge the battery slowly using mini boosts (2 to 3 seconds at a time) to bring it out of sleep mode
  • Connect it to another DeWalt battery
  • Connect it to an AC adapter
  • Use a different charger

Some of these methods will require additional tools or items you might not have on hand, but they’re a great start before moving on to other options that will likely be more expensive.

If you’re really handy and fairly knowledgeable about DeWalt batteries, you could also investigate the battery’s interior components.

Inspecting the batteries on your own will help you determine if there is a damaged or loose piece you could easily fix or replace without professional assistance.

Hire a Power Tool Repair Specialist

If you’re not comfortable attempting to fix your DeWalt battery yourself or you’ve concluded that the issue is beyond your expertise, you could bring it to a power tool repair specialist.

This might sound extravagant, but in reality, these skilled individuals can be found in your everyday hardware store or home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

You can also find these individuals online. There are also local stores with experts dedicated to this line of work.

While most will charge you labor fees on top of any materials and parts necessary to repair your DeWalt battery, some will provide their advice free of charge if it’s a simple issue.

The most important thing you’ll need to consider is whether the price of repairs is worthwhile, considering most DeWalt batteries can be purchased brand new for $30-$70.

Hire a Power Tool Battery Specialist

While a power tool repair specialist can fix most issues concerning your DeWalt battery, hiring a power tool battery specialist, such as the team at MTO Battery, might be the quicker and more efficient option.

Because these individuals focus solely on batteries, they’ll know how to diagnose and repair any issue with this specific power tool part that a general power tool specialist might not be familiar with.

What’s more, a power tool battery specialist will likely have a wider selection of replacement parts immediately at their disposal.

This allows them to fix and return your DeWalt battery faster than other shops that would likely have to wait for parts to be delivered.

Again, the predominant reason why people aren’t aware of this option or rarely utilize it is because it is rarely cost-effective unless the issue is minor and the cost of labor and parts is minimal.

Send it to DeWalt

Arguably the best way to get your DeWalt battery repaired is to send it right back to the source. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for everyone.

Your damaged DeWalt battery has to meet certain requirements in order for DeWalt to repair and return it.

All DeWalt batteries and chargers sold with the heated jacket kits are covered by the company’s standard 3-year warranty, 1-year service, and 90 money-back guarantee. This states that:

DEWALT will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. This warranty is extended only to the original end-user purchaser of the product. This warranty does not cover part failure due to normal wear or tool abuse.”

So, if your DeWalt battery applies to this warranty and needs repairs due to manufacturing defects, you can print a copy of the warranty here and have your battery repaired by either calling DeWalt at 1-800-4-DEWALT (1-800-433-9258), visiting the closest DeWalt Service Center, or visiting a local professional retailer that sells DeWalt products.

If your DeWalt battery is covered under a different warranty, it is highly likely that the company will send you a replacement rather than accept your battery for repairs.

Final Thoughts

DeWalt batteries are a crucial component in the power tool arsenal of many professionals, so when it stops working, they need to quickly decide whether it can be repaired or if they need to invest in a replacement.

In our opinion, if you can’t fix your DeWalt battery yourself or get it repaired through DeWalt using a warranty, it is likely more cost-effective to simply replace it with a new one.