The Dewalt drill is a popular brand for serious builders or anyone who regularly completes DIY projects. Whatever the reason, you might be wondering which drill bits work with Dewalt drills. Can you use any drill bits with this brand of drill?

Drill bits are compatible across brands as long as the size of the drill bit matches up with the size of the drill.

Keep reading to learn more about using different drill bits in your Dewalt drill and how to use them safely.

What Are the Two Most Common Types of Drill Bits?

In addition to power drills, another useful tool to have in your workshop is an impact driver. These tools have their own drill bits, called impact driver bits. 

Let’s compare the two different kinds of bits.

Regular Drill Bits

These are the ones you’re likely most familiar with. 

Regular drill bits are held in place by a chuck, which tightens or loosens to allow you to easily switch out your drill bits.

Now, let’s take a look at these drill bits’ compatibility with Dewalt tools.

Are Regular Drill Bits Compatible with Dewalt Drills?

Some tool companies require specific or custom-made bits to fit their tools. Is this the same with drill bits for Dewalt drills?

Regular drill bits are generally compatible with any power drill across all of the well-known brands, including Dewalt.

What about impact driver bits?

Impact Driver Bits

Impact drivers allow for greater torque than regular drills. Because of this, their drill bits are slightly more flexible, or ductile.

Impact drivers usually do not have a chuck. Instead, the drill bits are held in place with a simple clamp. Impact driver bits are typically hexagonal to fit with the hexagonal clamp of the tool.

Are Impact Driver Bits Compatible With a Regular Dewalt Drill?

Impact driver bits are more flexible, but perform less well than regular drill bits. If you need a precise, clean hole, you are better off with a regular drill and its corresponding bits.

If all you have are impact driver bits, you should be good.

Because regular drills use a chuck, most impact driver bits will likely fit with a regular Dewalt drill. The chuck should hold even the hexagonal bits securely.

Just keep in mind what your needs are for your project, and whether an impact driver bit is a better option than a regular drill bit.

How Can You Find Out What Size Drill Bit is Compatible With Your Drill?

The important consideration when using drill bits with your drill is the size. Generally, any brand of drill bit should work with any brand of drill, as long as the sizes match up.

This means that if you have a drill that accepts 3/8th inch drill bits, you shouldn’t use a ½ inch drill bit. Even if it fits in the drill, it’s not a good idea to use it because it can wear out quickly.

Look up the model of the drill you have. If you have the original packaging and user guide for your drill, you can check that to find out what size drill you have. 

In addition to checking the drill model, make sure to check your drill bits to see what size they are. If they come in a set, the size of the drill bits should be marked somewhere on the package.

If you do not have the original packaging, the size of the drill bit should be marked on the bit itself. Typically, the size is stamped on the smooth part of the bit, above the threads.

What Size Drill Bits Do Dewalt Drills Need?

Now that you know how to find out what size drill bit you need for your drill, you may be wondering what size your Dewalt drill is.

Here are the different sizes:

  • Many of Dewalt’s handheld drills are ½ inch drills. This means that you should use ½ inch drill bits with these tools. You can use any brand of drill bit, as long as the size is the same.
  • Dewalt also offers a few 3/8th inch drills, so if you have 3/8th inch drill bits, you can still use them in the right Dewalt drill. 3/8th inch drill bits are the most common size of drill bit.

Let’s see how to switch out drill bits for your Dewalt drill below.

How Do You Switch Out Drill Bits for Your Dewalt Drill?

Switching out drill bits for your Dewalt drill is simple. 

All you have to do is:

  1. Loosen the chuck
  2. Remove the original bit
  3. Insert the new bit
  4. Tighten the chuck again

Make sure the drill bit is straight and the chuck is completely tight before you begin drilling. Otherwise, you might not be successful in your endeavors!


Dewalt drills are useful tools to have on hand. As long as the drill bits you own are the same size and shape as what the drill requires, there’s no need to buy Dewalt brand drill bits.

Make sure you’re using your drill correctly, and this tool and its bits should last you a long time. Happy drilling!