Over time you can come up with quite a collection of different tools and accessories for said tools. Let’s say you used to have a DeWalt drill, can you still use those bits with other brands?

You can use DeWalt drill bits with other brands, but DeWalt drill bits are not universal. While they may be able to work with some brands, one size does not fit all.

We will explore whether a drill bit can be used in certain drills, as well as which brand can handle the bits of a DeWalt. 

How to Know What Drill Bits you can use

When it comes to knowing the types of bits you can use with what brands, there are a few things to know. 

  1. The type of drill you use will impact whether you can use that bit
  2. Shape and size matter 
  3. The material can be an issue. 

There are different types of drills and brands when it comes to power tools: DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, and Bosch are just a few to name. Each has its type of bit that can be used.

The shape and size matter because there are different types of chucks. A chuck is what holds the bit in place. The bigger the chuck, the more heavy-duty the drill is. 

Different Drill Bits

You also have to be careful about what kind of material you are trying to drill through. For instance, mounting a Blink doorbell will be different than putting in a screw.

 Let’s quickly look at a few different materials.

Types of BitsDescriptionTypes of Material to use with
Carbon SteelCheapest drill bit
Two types: Low and High
High carbon keeps shape longer
Low carbon requires sharpening often
Soft metals
High-Speed SteelCan bear high temperatures
Higher resistance to wear and tear
Titanium CoatedMost commonly used in sciences and medical professions
Lives longer
Can’t be sharpened
Mass production drilling

Long story short, the type you use is important. Universal is a term that can mean it can fit all types and brands. 

No one bit is considered “universal.” Some are just more compatible than others. 

Below we will look at what tools you can use DeWalt bits with.

What Tools can you use DeWalt Drill Bits With?

The chuck size will be an important part of finding out what tools you can use your DeWalt drill bits with. 

Milwaukee has a similar enough chuck that the DeWalt sets can be used with its drills. This can go either way with Milwaukee and Dewalt. 

Ryobi is also right up there with Milwaukee. It looks like there is a bit of preference for using Dewalt sets on Ryobi tools. 

Makita can also work with DeWalt’s sets for the most part. The sets won’t fit all of Makita’s tools, so it depends on the models. 

You just want to be careful about switching up the brands and parts. Another thing to be careful about is the type of material you are using. Because stuck bits can happen. 

How to Remove a Stuck Drill Bit

As previously mentioned, sometimes bits can get stuck. They can get stuck in different materials, or they can get stuck inside your drill. 

Removing a Stuck Bit from a Drill

If you get your drill bit stuck inside your DeWalt drill, here are some things you can do:

  1. Grip both your chuck and the drill
  2. Rotate the chuck counterclockwise
  3. The jaws should open and let the bit out

If your bit is really stuck and the chuck is stuck, try using a pair of pliers or even a vice grip to give a bit more force to the chuck. 

Removing a Drill Bit from Material

Let’s say you got it stuck in some wood or other material. How would you get that out? Like before, you will want to get some force and leverage. 

  1. Clamp down on the bit, just like you would if it were stuck in the chuck
  2. Turn counter-clockwise
  3. Wiggle the bit around and just keep unscrewing the bit like you would a screw

That should give you some force and movement to remove the stuck accessory. 

What Happens if you Break the Drill Bit?

Now, what happens if the drill bit breaks? You can’t keep drilling or working with a broken bit. There are a few things you can do.

  1. Drill a hole on the other side to access the broken piece
  2. Use a screwdriver and hammer to push it out
  3. Use a screw extractor

There are quite a few ways to remove broken bits or pieces from wood. As long as you can get access or a grip on the piece, you should be able to extract it. 

Thankfully, as long as you use the right type for the material, it shouldn’t be a big deal, as DeWalt lasts for quite a while and have great warranties.


DeWalt’s accessories are not universal. While you might be able to find some different brands that allow swapping, overall, it isn’t encouraged. Even swapping out batteries is frowned upon. 

Still, it can be done. Just be careful that you care for your bits and drills, or they can fail you.