Dewalt is a leader in tool manufacturing. Dewalt cordless tools use NiCd batteries and are a staple on many construction sites, more so than Black and Decker.

It takes less than an hour to get a usable charge on a Dewalt battery sufficient to complete most work. A full maintenance cycle takes up to eight hours.

A maintenance cycle will distribute the charge evenly throughout all of the battery’s cells and perform checks and diagnostics to help maintain battery life when left on the charger.

How Long Do Dewalt Drills Batteries Take to Charge?

Maintenance helps increase the life span of your NiCd batteries instead of Li-ion batteries. 

The battery can complete a maintenance cycle in under eight hours.

Most Dewalt batteries will get a full charge in about an hour. A full maintenance cycle to homogenize the battery’s cells takes around eight hours.

A maintenance cycle will evenly distribute the power through all the cells and run diagnostics on the batteries. The cycle takes around six to eight hours.

How Long Should I Charge a DeWalt Battery for the First Time?

DCBxxx is the model number for the Dewalt battery chargers. 

Batteries come in Dewalt 8V, Dewalt 12V, and Dewalt 20V battery varieties.

Battery Capacity(Ah battery)DCB015DCB095DCB101DCB102DCB103DCB119
1 Ah60 min
1.5 Ah45 min30 min45 min (12V)35 min(20V)45 min (12V)35 min(20V)45 min
2.0 Ah60 min60 min60 min35 min60 min
3.0 Ah90 min60 min90 min90 min90 min
4.0 Ah120 min70 min70 min70 min120 min
5.0 Ah120 min70 min70 min70 min120 min

The time it takes to charge your NiCd Dewalt batteries, Dewalt doesn’t use lithium-ion batteries,  will depend on the starting charge and the type of charger you are using to be fully charged.

What Affects a DeWalt Drill’s Battery Life?

If you take care of your Dewalt batteries and use a Dewalt brand charger, your batteries might just outlast the tool they are meant for.

  • Start charging your batteries when you notice a drop in performance
  • Never Discharge your batteries completely
  • Dewalt batteries are high-drain and not prone to battery memory
  • You can leave your batteries in your charger
  • Keep your batteries between 40°F, and 105°F
  • Most drills can be used with a generator
  • Dispose old batteries at a Dewalt Service Center

If you follow these simple steps, your batteries, and Dewalt tools, will have the best chance at a long life.

When to Start Charging Your Dewalt Batteries

Dewalt recommends not discharging your batteries until they are dead. Instead, Dewalt says you should charge your battery as soon as you notice a drop in performance.

You can also use your Dewalt batteries to install TVs, Ring doorbells, and even help with home security.

Discharging your Dewalt Battery Completely

You shouldn’t discharge your Dewalt NiCd batteries completely. While using your power tools, you should charge your batteries as soon as you notice a drop in performance.

If you charge your battery as soon as there is a drop in performance or a noticeable charge decline, you will greatly lengthen the lifespan of your rechargeable battery.

Dewalt Battery Memory

Batteries on low-drain devices like cordless phones can develop a memory and lose capacity due to repeated light charging cycles.

As Dewalt makes high-drain tools for heavy use, the batteries from Dewalt will not likely develop a memory. You aren’t likely to have the same load repeated on a tool.

How Long Does a DeWalt Drill Battery Last?

Dewalt recommends leaving Dewalt batteries on the charger until you are ready to use them. Batteries will naturally discharge when not on the charger.

Dewalt says their batteries typically discharge the most over the first two days not stored on the charger (up to 30%). Dewalt makes a 4-port charger that is highly rated.

An 8-hour maintenance cycle distributes the power across all battery cells and helps maintain the life span. You should also use Dewalt brand chargers only.

What Affects a DeWalt Drill’s Battery Life?

You shouldn’t let your batteries get too hot or too cold. You should avoid temps above 105°F or higher. You should also avoid temps below 40°F.

If you attempt to charge or discharge cordless drill batteries outside the safe temperature range, you could permanently damage your battery’s run time and life span.

Charging a Dewalt Battery with a Generator

Most Dewalt chargers have been designed to tolerate the varying voltages and currents inherent when using an electric or gas generator. 

However, the DW9106 charger is not designed for varying voltages and currents and should not be used with any generator.

What to do with Damaged or Dead Dewalt Batteries

You can recycle Dewalt batteries because Dewalt participates in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). 

You can call 1-800-8-BATTERY or go to the Dewalt website and find one of the Dewalt Service Centers to dispose of your dead or damaged batteries.


Dewalt batteries typically take about an hour to charge to a usable state. A maintenance cycle takes upwards of 8 hours for a full cycle.