All cordless power tools use some sort of rechargeable battery. DeWalt is no different. What if you have an extra drill battery and are working on a long-term project?

DeWalt batteries are interchangeable as long as you have the same voltage. The voltage needs to stay the same, or you risk something happening to your drills.

Let’s look at why all batteries are not created equal and what can happen if the wrong voltage is used. 

Can any DeWalt Battery be Used in any DeWalt Drill?

As mentioned previously, not all batteries are created equal. Voltage is a prime factor when looking at different batteries and power tools. 

DeWalt has a few different  batteries and voltages:

  • 20V MAX Power Stack
  • 20V MAX XR
  • 20 V Max 
  • 12V MAX
  • 26V Lithium Ion
  • 60V MAX

These are just a few batteries that DeWalt has. If we are to narrow down the list, then you would be looking at these three types:

  • XR tools

Now that we have seen some of the basics let’s look at why voltage matters when it comes to batteries. 

Battery Voltage for DeWalt Drills

The three main voltages for batteries range from 20, 60, and 120V. 

Each battery has the voltage, amps, and type of battery etched into its side so as not to confuse the user. 

Be careful about the voltage power hooked up to your power tool. Even if the battery fits on your power tool, that doesn’t mean that it won’t damage your drill or even work.

What can Happen if the Wrong Voltage is Plugged in?

First, 20V and 60V won’t fit together in the first place. Both 60 and 120-volt batteries have special tabs that prevent using that voltage. 

Higher voltages of batteries can cause an overcharge. This could cause damage to your drill over time. Lower voltages can cause your battery to work harder to power your drill.

You want to be careful not to damage your tool or battery. Pouring too much power into your tool can cause the drill to overheat and damage. 

This may result in a burned smell coming from your tool. 

Can Batteries be Interchanged for Brushless Tools?

Yes, as long as your voltage pairs up, you should have no problem. Whether the tool is brushless or not shouldn’t matter. 

The only difference is that your brushless tools should make the battery last longer as they do not require as much power. 

Is There a Battery that can be Used with Multiple Voltages?

The one battery that can be used for multiple voltages is the FlexVolt line. 

This line of batteries was created to have multiple voltage lines that go up and down according to the tool placed on it.

Now, when you have a 20V MAX battery, that is the only battery that cannot be used with a FlexVolt power tool. 

You can use a Flexbolt battery on a 20V or 60V drill, but a 20V battery cannot be used on a Flexbolt drill. 

This is because the battery cannot handle the motor of a Flexbolt tool. 

The Flexbolt battery isn’t going to fit all the smaller compact tools and adaptors, but it should work for most of them. 

Are A/C Adaptors Interchangeable for Batteries?

So, while the interchangeability for the batteries may come with some caveats, can the same be said about the adaptors that charge the batteries?

Yes, you still want the same voltage, current, and polarity as your battery. 

The wrong polarity could mean damaging your device. You can never be sure that the adaptor won’t fit. 

Once again, the voltage can be an issue. Too low and the battery will not charge in a decent amount of time; too high and you risk overheating. 

What Happens if you Accidentally Damage a Battery?

What if you accidentally damage your battery? Will you be able to get it repaired or fixed? 

DeWalt has several different ways to deal with the issue of a damaged battery. The best way is going to be by sending it to DeWalt themselves.

Depending on your warranty, you could get the repair done without charge. This will also depend on the type of damage to your battery. 

Before that, you probably want to troubleshoot. 

This means cleaning and checking the contacts, charging the battery, trying to connect the battery to different power tools, or using a different adapter.

Are DeWalt Batteries Universal for all DeWalt Tools?

To put it plainly, DeWalt batteries will not be interchangeable. Being aware of the voltage or type is important to the health of your power tool. 

Yet, as long as the voltage is the same, you shouldn’t worry about unpleasant side effects.