These days, there are so many types of power tools and even an incredible number of options for just electrical saws! And it can be quite confusing to understand what saw can be used or is best for certain tasks. So let’s find out if you can cut firewood with a circular saw. 

You can cut firewood with a circular saw. In fact, a circular saw will provide a more precise cut. As long as the firewood is properly secured before you begin cutting, you’ll find a circular saw is one of the best ways to cut firewood.

In this article, we are going to discuss exactly how you can cut firewood with a circular saw, as well as what you should be cautious of when doing so. So keep reading if you want to become an expert at cutting firewood with a circular saw!

How to Cut Firewood With a Circular Saw

Now that you know that you absolutely can cut firewood with a circular saw, you will certainly want to know how to make it happen. 

But before we dive into the detailed instructions of how to safely cut firewood with a circular saw, you first need to assess what kind of circular saw you’re planning to use, as there are two distinct types. 

  • Handheld Circular Saws: As the most common type of circular saw, you are likely working with a handheld variation. That means that you move the saw with your hand to make cuts. 
  • Mounted Circular Saw: Mounted circular saws are more common on building sites or lumber yards, and when using them, you need to push the wood into the stationary blade instead of moving the saw. 

Of course, the directions for cutting firewood are slightly different for each type of saw. But don’t worry! We have both sets right here. 

How to Cut Firewood With a Handheld Circular Saw

Cutting firewood with a handheld circular saw is quite simple; however, there are a few specific instructions you should be aware of before doing so.

  • First, you need to measure how long you want the pieces of firewood to be. 
  • Then, ensure that the wood is secured. You can do so by holding it tightly with your hand or using a clamp. Using a clamp will slow you down a little, as you will need to constantly move and reposition it after every cut. 
  • Run the blade along the wood away from your body. 
  • If the wood is too thick to be cut with one go of the saw, you need to rotate the wood during the second cut. 

That’s all there is to it! Realistically, cutting firewood with a circular saw is a good option, but only if the wood is not too thick. 

How to Cut Firewood With a Mounted Circular Saw

Although most people don’t have a mounted circular saw at home, if you do, cutting firewood on it is fast and easy! 

  • Line up the piece of wood you want to cut in front of the blade. 
  • Push the wood directly into the blade as it’s running.
  • Allow the cut firewood to fall into a pile next to the mounted saw. 

With the exception of a chainsaw, using a mounted circular saw is arguably the fastest way to cut firewood. Especially if you are cutting through large, thick pieces of wood. 

Are Circular Saws Good for Cutting Firewood?

Circular saws, whether handheld or mounted, are good options for cutting firewood. With a handheld option, you are limited to smaller logs as the small blade cannot cut through thick trunks. If you  have a large tree to cut down into firewood, use a mounted circular saw, a chainsaw, or a table saw. 

Is it Dangerous to Cut Firewood with a Circular Saw?

Finally, it is a common misconception that it is dangerous to use a circular saw to cut firewood. 

But in fact, the machine is a perfectly safe option. 

However, it’s vital that you know how to use a circular saw properly before cutting firewood (or any type of wood!)

It is absolutely essential that you secure the wood with either your hand or a clamp if you are using a handheld circular saw in order to keep yourself safe and ensure the wood is cut properly. If you do that, your circular saw is perfectly safe. 

The Bottom Line

Let’s recap: Can you cut firewood with a circular saw? Yes, you definitely can!

As long as you know what kind of saw you’re using, how to safely maneuver it, and you don’t try to cut logs that are too big with a small saw, you should be good to go.