Circular saw tracks are guide rails that allow a circular saw or track saw to make perfectly straight cuts. It is like having your saw on a train track.

Most after-market tracks for circular saws are compatible with many brands of circular saws. However, you should check compatibility to be sure.

Circular saw tracks are perfect for breaking down sheet lumber like plywood. They make the work quick and easy and always guarantee a straight cut.

Are Circular Saw Tracks Universal?

It is impossible to say that every circular saw will work with every saw track because of the sheer number of models of both track and saws.

Most brands of third-party saw tracks will fit most major brands of circular saws, but it is a good practice to check before you purchase.

If you have one of the brands sold by typical home centers and big box stores, you will likely not have difficulty finding a track that could fit your particular saw model.

Track Saws vs. Circular Saw with Third-Party Track

A track saw is just a circular saw designed to work with its proprietary track. It is possible to use a track saw as a standard circular saw.

The main benefit of a track saw over a regular circular saw with a third-party track system is that tracks saws come with other safety features such as a riving knife and dust collection.

Track SawCircular Saw w/ Third-party Track
Often higher quality than a standard circular sawCheaper than track saws
Can be used like a standard circular sawSome of the higher-end models have dust collection
Often have dust collection capabilitiesAdjustable deck plate for different angles and heights
Riving Knife (prevents kickback)
Typically have full blade covers
Designed to work specifically with tracks

Another benefit of track saws is you don’t have to check if the guide rail is compatible with your saw as track saws come with their guide rails.

If you are doing rough home construction, a circular saw is all you need, but if precision is desired, such as building furniture, you will get more mileage out of a track saw.

Most Popular Tracks for Circular Saws

Many of the most popular brands of tracks for circular saws are lengths of tracks that can extend the possible length of the cut capable with the circular saw track.

Although most of these brands come at a standard length, many companies sell extra lengths of tracks for people who need to be able to make extra-long cuts.

Saw Track BrandLengthUses
Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide24 inches wideRipping boards up to two feet across
Kreg KMA2700 Circular Saw Track48 inches (2 x 26.5-inch rails)Ripping and Crosscutting wood and sheet goods
Kreg KMA3700 Accu-Cut XL100 inches (4 x 25-inch rails)Ripping and Crosscutting wood and sheet goods
WEN CT9110110 inches (2 x 55-inch rails)Ripping and Crosscutting wood and sheet goods
POWERTEC 71387110 inches (2 x 55-inch rails)Ripping and Crosscutting wood and sheet goods

The Kreg KMA2685 is more of a saw guide than a track saw, but it functions the same and is a popular model for breaking down sheet goods to under 24 inches.

When to Use a Circular Saw on a Track

Most circular saws lack the precision of a track saw. As such, they are best used when doing rough home construction, such as building a roof, walls, or home maintenance.

A circular saw without a track can perfectly cut a straight line without track, but if you need exact measurements and precision, using a guide rail track is the best method.

If you are ripping or crosscutting plywood or other sheet goods or lumber, then a circular saw with a track is a great option. 

Straight cuts are important when breaking down sheets.

Standard circular saws with third-party tracks are much more affordable than a popular brand track saw such as Festool or a standard table saw.

You may not get the build quality or precision of a Festool track saw, but you will get a similar result at a quarter of the price. 


While a circular and circular saw on a track system are virtually the same thing; they have different use cases. 

Either would be useful, but a track and circular saw are great options.

Use a saw with a track for precision cuts and cutting sheet goods to smaller dimensions. A circular saw should mainly be used for rough construction.