DeWalt batteries are commonly used in power tools like drills. They are powerful batteries that give you the powerful voltage you need to use tools around the house or in the garage. 

Whether you can interchange the battery depends on the voltage. All tools and batteries must operate on the same voltage or you risk ruining the tool. 

Since all tools are created to work on a specific voltage only, you need to make sure you’re always using the correct battery. This guide will discuss which batteries can be interchanged so you never risk damaging your tools. 

Do All DeWalt Batteries Fit All DeWalt Tools? 

So, do all DeWalt batteries fit all DeWalt tools? 

You cannot use any DeWalt battery in DeWalt tools. You need to match the voltages. You can check the manufacturer booklet to see which batteries are compatible. 

DeWalt also has smaller batteries called MAX which do not fit in the original tools. They are labeled as 20V MAX, 60V MAX, etc. The original batteries are too large to fit inside MAX tools. 

What Happens If I Use the Wrong DeWalt Battery? 

For most tools, only the proper battery will fit inside so you’ll know if you are using the wrong one or not. Sometimes though, the wrong battery could fit inside some of the drills. 

In most cases, the tool will not turn on. If it does turn on, the device will not run properly. When using a smaller voltage, the device will not have enough power. 

If you use a higher voltage, you could ruin the device even if you only let it run for a few seconds. This is why you should always double-check the tool and battery before using them. 

How Do I Know Which Battery I Need? 

DeWalt has three main voltages for its batteries. 

They are: 

  • 20V
  • 60V
  • 120V

All batteries are marked with the voltage they have in large letters usually on the front or back making it easy to know which battery you own. 

Now, let’s see the difference between DeWalt original batteries and FlexVolt batteries.

Difference Between DeWalt Original Batteries and FlexVolt Batteries

Recently DeWalt made a new line of batteries called FlexVolt. These are multi-voltage battery lines that can automatically go up or down depending on the tool the battery is placed in. 

FlexVolt 60V can step down when placed inside a 20V tool but it can still provide a more powerful 60V when inside a 60V tool. 

FlexVolt batteries are compatible with all 20V tools and the 20V chargers. DeWalt 20 V MAX batteries cannot be used in any of the FlexVolt tools that are 60V or 120V. 

20V batteries can be used in all 20V tools and chargers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the most commonly asked questions about DeWalt batteries and which ones you can use with which devices. 

Are 18V and 20V DeWalt Batteries Interchangeable?

The answer is yes.

The 18V and 20V operate on the same voltage as they can interchange in your devices. This is because the nominal voltage is 18V but it can put out up to 20V. 

Many companies, including DeWalt, will put the maximum voltage on the battery for better advertisement. Putting the higher number on the tool simply makes it seem more powerful. 

Can You Use a 20V Battery On 60V Dewalt? 


You cannot use a 20V battery in any 60V tools. The voltages are completely different. Even if the tool seems to be working, the internal components can be compromised. 

Most of the time, the battery will not even fit. The plastic tabs on the tools will prevent the battery from being able to be put inside the tool. 

Can You Use a 60V Dewalt Battery On a 20V Tool? 


You should not use more powerful voltage batteries in a 20V tool. Using a higher voltage like 60V can ruin the device and cause it not to work. 

The only exception is if you buy a battery that is compatible with both. For example, DeWalt sells some batteries called FlexVolt 20V/60V. 

Since it’s labeled with both voltages, the battery is able to convert energy and be used in tools that are labeled for both 20V and 60V. 

What About DeWalt XR Batteries? 

The XR batteries are just like the standard batteries but they last longer. 

XR stands for extended run time so you’ll be able to use them for longer. 

Which Batteries Do I Use for Brushless Tools? 

Whether the tool is brushless or not does not matter. 

You only need to worry about the voltage. Brushless tools can use batteries more efficiently, but they still need to be the correct voltage. 

Final Thoughts 

Most DeWalt batteries cannot be interchanged since they are different voltages. The only exception is if you are using the FlexVolt batteries that have the step-down feature. 

Always make sure you are using the correct voltage for your tool. When in doubt, check the manufacturer’s book for your tool to see which batteries are compatible.