Craftsman is one of the most popular tool brands around. They have many different products to suit the avid handyperson, and they offer great warranties. If you purchased your Craftsman tools from Lowe’s, you might be wondering if the store will honor this warranty.

Lowe’s does honor Craftsman warranties, including Craftsman lifetime warranties. In most cases, however, this only applies to Craftsman tools purchased at Lowe’s stores. 

Below, we’ll discuss what you need to know to ensure your Craftsman warranty is honored at your local Lowe’s store. Keep reading to learn more!

Does Lowe’s Honor Craftsman Warranties?

Lowe’s has a guaranteed promise to honor all Craftsman warranties. However, it is not guaranteed that all stores will carry the Craftsman tool you’re trying to replace with the correct part number.

Before heading to Lowe’s to ask about your warranty, there are a few steps to take so you can ensure it’s covered. 

Below, we’ll discuss what you need to do to ensure this promise is honored.

Call Your Local Lowe’s

Before doing anything too complicated, contact your local Lowe’s store to ensure the product is in stock and your warranty will be covered.

Although all Lowe’s stores promise to honor warranties for Craftsman products, they may not carry the Craftsman products you need to provide the proper replacement. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that, although Lowe’s does honor Craftsman warranties, they usually only offer replacements for parts purchased at their stores.

Even if you have a Craftsman tool, you may not be able to replace it at Lowe’s if you didn’t buy it there. 

If you purchased your tool at Lowe’s and fail to get your warranty honored at first, ask to speak to a store manager. 

According to Craftsman, all stores that sell Craftsman brand products must honor the warranty, regardless of where the tool was bought.  

But, even though Craftsman swears by this statement, there are still stores that cannot honor the warranty.

Contact Craftsman Customer Care

Sometimes, Lowe’s does have the part you are looking for, but it doesn’t appear in their computer system as the same part because of different part numbers.

To mitigate this issue, contact Craftsman Customer Care and ask for your tool’s part number. 

Or, give them the part number you have to see if there is another retail partner you can visit. 

Does Craftsman Still Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Craftsman still stands by its lifetime warranties that customers have been guaranteed, even if the product was purchased years ago.

Although Craftsman was sold by Sears years ago, Black and Decker took up the brand and enabled customers to continue taking advantage of Craftsman’s lifetime warranty. 

Who Else Honors Craftsman Tool Warranties?

If you have no luck at Lowe’s, you may be able to replace your part at another store that honors Craftsman warranties. 

With a little research, you can get your defective or damaged tools replaced.

In addition to Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and Sears honor Craftsman tool warranties. Call or visit any stores in your area and see if they are willing to offer a replacement for your damaged tools.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware will exchange Craftsman tools under the standard return policy

If Lowe’s doesn’t have your product in stock or cannot replace it, this may be a good place to try next.

Before bringing your tool to Ace Hardware to be replaced, first ensure Ace Hardware has the item in stock and that it is part of the regular return policy.

While Ace will exchange Craftsman tools, they do not honor lifetime warranties. 

In addition, you cannot get your tools replaced at Ace Hardware online. You must visit a physical store.


Sears is also guaranteed to honor Craftsman tool warranties. Unlike Ace Hardware, Sears can honor Craftsman lifetime warranties, as well. 

To get your replacement covered at Sears, visit your local store to complete an in-person tool exchange.

You can also submit a claim via email if you do not have a Sears store nearby.  

What if Lowe’s Won’t Honor My Craftsman Warranty?

If you’re having problems replacing your Craftsman tools at Lowe’s, the next best thing is to contact other local hardware retailers.

But, if all else fails, contact Craftsman customer service.

Although they are not guaranteed to help you replace your Craftsman product, they are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best outcome possible regarding your tools.

The customer service branch at Craftsman will fully investigate your warranty and give you the information and guidance you need. 

In Conclusion

Lowe’s does honor Craftsman tool warranties. This includes the standard warranty and the lifetime warranty.

As long as the product is currently in stock, you should have no problem replacing your tool.

If you have any problems, contact Craftsman customer care or visit another local retail partner.