Sears Craftsman 20V tools are a great investment. However, Craftsman has recently stopped producing the 1.5Ah batteries these tools use. If you have a Craftsman 20V tool and need a replacement battery, you may be wondering what other batteries are compatible. 

In addition to their own brand, Craftsman 20V tools are compatible with some Porter Cable tool batteries, as well as certain Black and Decker tool batteries.

Below, we will discuss the types of batteries Craftsman 20V tools are compatible with. Keep reading to learn how to power your tools without the traditional batteries!

What Batteries Are Compatible with Craftsman 20V Tools?

Although Craftsman 20V tools are a reliable investment, they have recently stopped making the 1.5Ah batteries that these tools come with.  

If you need to replace your battery, you will need to consider the other types of batteries you can use so you can keep your favorite tools running.

There are a number of batteries that are compatible with Sears Craftsman 20V tools

Some of these batteries are listed as Craftsman brands, including:

  • ADVTRONICS 20V 3.0Ah CMCB202 lithium ion battery 
  • Craftsman CMCB205 60000mAh 20V lithium replacement battery   

In addition to these Craftsman batteries, Porter Cable batteries and Black and Decker 20V batteries fit Craftsman 20V tools.

Porter Cable 20V Batteries 

Porter Cable 20V batteries have similar slots and connectors to Craftsman 20V batteries. 

However, they sometimes have different battery polarities than Craftsman 20V tools.

Since it is not always evident which Porter Cable batteries have the right polarity to be used in a Craftsman 20V power tool, buying these batteries can be an expensive risk to take. 

To check the polarity of your Porter Cable battery before testing it in your power tool, simply look for a – or + sign at the end of the battery. If you can’t find one, call Porter Cable and inquire about the polarity of your specific battery.

Black and Decker Batteries

Black and Decker’s batteries are made very similarly to Craftsman batteries. 

For this reason, many 20V Black and Decker batteries are interchangeable with Craftsman tools.

However, different brands make very minor adjustments to prevent customers from easily interchanging their batteries.

An experienced technician should be qualified enough to help you overcome the design differences, allowing you to use the battery with your Craftsman tool.

On the other hand, some Black and Decker batteries do not require any technical modifications to use with a Craftsman tool.  

The ones that do will require a specific change in the portable cable to be used interchangeably. 

Are Craftsman Batteries Interchangeable with Other Battery Charging Packs?

Instead of buying a whole new battery, you might decide to recharge your old Craftsman battery with a battery pack. But, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Craftsman batteries are not interchangeable with battery packs made by different brands. For example, you cannot use a Craftsman battery on a DeWalt charging pack. In addition to the brand, the voltage must be the same. A 20V battery will not function with an 18V Craftsman battery charging pack.   

For a successful charge, both the voltage and brand must be the same. 

Do Craftsman Batteries Work with Other Tool Brands?

Unfortunately, there are no other brands besides you can use your Craftsman batteries with.

The biggest reason companies do not make their batteries compatible with other tool brands is because they gain the most income from “locking” customers into their tool lines.

Simply put, companies make the most money by making special batteries that only fit their tools.  

Once you purchase their tool, you will be forced to buy their brand of battery, as well.  

In Conclusion

Craftsman has stopped producing the batteries made for their Craftsman 20V tool line, so it’s essential to learn what other batteries you can use in these tools.

Craftsman 20V tools are compatible with some Power Cable 20V batteries and some Black and Decker batteries, in addition to certain Craftsman brand batteries. 

Before you purchase a new battery, be sure to check the polarity on both your battery and tool to ensure they match.

If you have any trouble doing so, contact the company to find out the exact polarity of your battery.