When using power tools, investing in a reliable brand is important. This is why many people choose DeWalt. This can lead to the question, why are DeWalt batteries so expensive?

The high quality of DeWalt batteries makes them expensive. Designed to last for a long time, DeWalt batteries have a long lifespan. They also come in a wide variety of types.

Although DeWalt batteries are expensive, they are highly recommended. Quality is essential, and DeWalt delivers. Keep reading to learn more about what makes DeWalt batteries so unique.

DeWalt Focuses on Quality

DeWalt has been in business since 1924, an impressive 98 years. With quality comes a price, but some people still wonder why DeWalt batteries are so expensive. Here’s why:

  • They have a large variety of batteries
  • They sell batteries for brushless power tools
  • They are long-lasting
  • They come with a charging station
  • They are lightweight

It is because of these six reasons that DeWalt can up the price of their batteries. We go into detail below to explain why each offering is worth the investment.

Variety of Batteries

The first reason DeWalt batteries are so expensive is their variety. When browsing the DeWalt website, you can see 74 different types of batteries available. 

Each battery serves a specific purpose and pairs with a different power tool. To give you an idea of their many options, look at the table below to get a taste of their battery offerings.

Battery VoltageModel Numbers
60 VoltDCB609G, DCB606G, DCB615
36 VoltsDCB230C, DCB248, DCB246, DCB210, DCB305, DCB361,
20 VoltsDCB208, DCB305, DCB303G, DCB201, DCB206, DCB203, DCB205G, DCB205, DCB200, DCBP034, DCB230
14.4 VoltsDC9091
12 VoltsDCB126G, DC9071, DCB124, DCB122, DCB090, DCB120
9.6 VoltsDW9061
7.2 VoltDW9057

The table above is just an example of different types of DeWalt batteries. There are over 74 options to choose from, which shows the variety is ample.

So yes, you will be paying a higher price for any DeWalt power tools, but you’ll also be getting much more available when you buy the products.

Batteries for Brushless Power Tools

DeWalt has come out with batteries that are compatible with brushless power tools as well as regular power tools. They are compatible with any brushless tool with the same voltage.

Brushless batteries allow for more power and longer battery life with heavier-duty tools. This allows bigger jobs to be completed. With more efficiency and higher quality. 

Just ensure that you match the proper voltage with the battery you choose. Mixed voltage can result in short-circuiting the power tool or power failure.

Long-Lasting Batteries

DeWalt has long-lasting batteries. Meaning, although you are paying more for the batteries, you are receiving a longer-lasting battery over time, which can help with saving money.

DeWalt covers all of its batteries via a 3-year warranty. This is equivalent to up to 1,000 hours of power cycling. It’s easy to see if your DeWalt battery has gone bad and needs replacing.

DeWalt battery life can be extended with proper care. Storing the batteries in a warm, dry place, keeping batteries away from water, and charging them for the appropriate amount of time help.

Batteries Kits With or Without a Charging Station

Another perk that DeWalt batteries boasts is that users can purchase batteries with or without a charging station. 

These battery options are often put together as kits that make them more affordable. If an individual bought the batteries separately,  it would be more expensive.

Many kits are available on the DeWalt website and at local participating retailers. Some of these kits include

  • 20V MAX* Lithium ION Starter Kit
  • USB Charging Kit
  • 20V MAX8 Starter Kit with 3.0Ah Compact Battery and Charger
  • FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX8 Lithium-Ion Starter Kit
  • 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Battery Charger Kit with Bag

It’s beneficial to purchase the DeWalt batteries with the charging station so you will easily be able to charge it when it’s dead.

Light Weight

Another perk that amps up DeWalt batteries’ price is their weight. Each DeWalt brand battery is super lightweight, which is ideal when using power tools.

This makes it so users aren’t worn down as quickly by the heavy battery when using handheld power tools. It also makes it convenient to get the power tools into tight places.

Each DeWalt battery ranges anywhere between 1lb to 5lbs in weight. This is much lighter than the average battery, which is anywhere between 5 to 8 lbs in weight. 

Some of the lightest batteries DeWalt has available are listed below.

DeWalt 20V Max* Compact Lithium Ion Battery Pack 0.7 pounds
DeWalt XR 4Amp-Hour1.42 pounds
20-Volt Max Compact Lithium Ion Battery3.2 pounds
20V Max XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery1.4 pounds
20V Lithium Ion Compact1 pound

These batteries are great options as they are high-powered and have a long run time. Be sure to check your power tools’ compatibility to ensure that your DeWalt battery will fit.

Cost Comes With Quality

DeWalt batteries are more expensive than other power tool batteries, but for a good reason. They have high-quality material and are built to last.

Investing in these batteries is a great idea if you want to keep them around for a long time without spending more money to replace them in the long run.