Regular drill bits will not be able to cut through metal or steel so you cannot substitute other kinds of drill bits and try to cut metal. DeWalt offers many different kinds of drill bits. Since there are so many to choose from, you might be confused about which ones to buy for metal.

DeWalt recommends you use their cobalt steel drill bits for those that want to drill into metals or stainless steel. The Cobalt Alloy Drill bits are the best for metal. 

You might not be sure which drill bits to use for metal. You might also be confused about how to tell if drill bits you already have can be used for metal. We will cover all the details in this article!

DeWalt Drill Bits For Metal

Any of the DeWalt drill bits that are made from cobalt can be used for metal. Cobalt is the best material for metal drilling because they have a high resistance to heat. 

When drilling metal, high amounts of heat are generated. Cobalt is able to drill through the metal and the heat without melting or becoming damaged. 

The Cobalt Alloy Drill bits are some of the best ones you can buy for metal. They are able to drill through the following metals without overheating:

  • Titanium
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel

They are also sold in a set with many different sizes so you can get the ones you need for your work or home improvement projects. 

When in doubt about getting drill bits for metal, make sure to get ones made out of cobalt. You don’t have to worry about damaging the metal or yourself when using cobalt. 

How Do I Know If a DeWalt Drill Bit Is For Metal? 

In case you already have some drill bits at home but aren’t sure if they are cobalt or not, there are certain ways you can tell. 

Some things to take note of include:

  • Bits that can drill metal also have different angles. They are usually 118 degrees or 135 degrees. 
  • Metal drill bits also have a wide angled point compared to other drill bits that are better for drilling plastic. 

While these points mentioned are of the best ways to see if the bit can be used for metal drilling, there are a few other features you can look for. 

Darker Colored Drill Bits Are For Metal

Bits that are good for metal are black in color. Most drill bits that can be used for metal that DeWalt makes are made from cobalt or titanium. Cobalt has a darker appearance. 

You can check the color and material of your Dewalt drill bits to see if they are able to drill through metal or not. 

When you check DeWalt’s website or the user manual of your bits, it will also state which materials you can drill including if it’s strong enough for metal or not. 

Drill Bits That Can Go Through Metal Are Pointed

Besides the color, check the tip of the drill bit.

The drill bits that can drill through metal will have a tip angle. The tip angles allow it to punch through very hard materials like:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Metal

If you notice that your drill bits have brad points rather than tip angles, they are not for metal. 

These bits are used for wood since the point allows them to remove the wood inside to make a small hole rather than needing to punch through the material.

Can I Use My Other Drill Bits for Metal?

While it might be tempting to save money and just use your standard drill, you might end up damaging it by trying to drill metal. 

Drilling through metal requires a special drill bit that is made from cobalt or titanium. Regular drills are not heavy-duty enough to cut through metal. 

If you do this, you risk overheating the drill bit which can cause sparks and other problems including burns and injuries. 

Which Drill Bits Should I Buy For Metal? 

When looking at the DeWalt collection of drill bits, you might be wondering which ones are best for metal drilling. 

You want to make sure the bits you’re buying are a cobalt blend. The best percentage of cobalt is between 5%-8%. The cobalt material should run through the bit rather than just having a cobalt coating.  

Cobalt bits are also easier to sharpen. Even though they are tough enough to drill through metal, you can still sharpen them with the right tools and keep using them. 

Final Thoughts 

DeWalt has many different kinds of drill bits, but the best ones for metal are the cobalt ones. They are tough enough to drill through all kinds of metal without overheating. 

DeWalt makes Cobalt Alloy drill bits that can punch through metal easily and make your home improvement projects go much smoother.