DeWalt is a brand leader in cordless power tools. You will find DeWalt brand products on most professional and home construction sites.

DeWalt drills pull from 5 to 41 amps depending on the model. Most 12-volt models use around 25 amps, and most 20-volt models use around 15 amps.

Knowing the current draw of your power tools can help you determine how long one of your batteries will last while using that tool. Knowing the amp hours of your battery also helps.

How Many Amps Does a DeWalt Drill Use?

DeWalt drill motors come in a variety of models and sizes. Most of the models they manufacture use either 12V or 20V cordless batteries. There are specialty drills as well.

The model of the drill motor you use will determine how long the battery will last on a full charge. The more amp hours a battery has, the larger the capacity of the battery is.

Current Draw on 12 Volt DeWalt Drill Motors

Current draw, or amps, can be determined by the wattage and voltage of the power tool being used. 

Watts divided by voltage will give you an approximate current draw for your device.

Model NumberVoltageWattage (Power)Amperage (current)
DCD46012V300 Watts25 Amps
DCD47012V300 Watts25 Amps
DCD70112V300 Watts25 Amps
DCD71012V300 Watts25 Amps
DCD74012V300 Watts25 Amps
DCD91012V285 Watts23.75 Amps

These aren’t all of the models of DeWalt drill motors available in 12 volts, but they are the most popular brands being sold today.

Current Draw on 20 Volt DeWalt Drill Motors

The 20V arena for DeWalt drill motors sees an increase in the wattage and overall output power of many models of 20V drills.

Model NumberVoltageWattage (Power)Amperage (current)
DCD70820V340 Watts17 Amps
DCD77120V300 Watts15 Amps
DCD77720V300 Watts15 Amps
DCD78020V350 Watts17.5 Amps
DCD79020V300 Watts15 Amps
DCD79120V300 Watts15 Amps
DCD79220V300 Watts15 Amps
DCD80020V300 Watts15 Amps
DCD98020V535 Watts26.75 Amps
DCD99120V820 Watts41 Amps
DCK27820V300 Watts15 Amps

These aren’t all of the models of DeWalt drill motors available in 20 volts, but they are the most popular brands being sold today.

Current Draw on Specialty DeWalt Drill Motors

These two drills are only a fraction of the specialty drill motors DeWalt offers, but they don’t have many 18V models anymore, and the right-angle drill motor is definitely niche.

Model NumberVoltageWattage (Power)Amperage (current)
DCD72018V410 Watts22.7 Amps
DCD46060V300 Watts5 Amps

These aren’t all models of DeWalt drill motors available in specialty varieties, but they are the most popular brands being sold today.

Top 5 Best-Selling DeWalt Drill Motors

There are so many different models of DeWalt power tools to choose from; how would you ever know which one to choose? Well, here are the five top-selling drill motors on Amazon.

NameModel NumberVoltageWattsCurrent Draw
DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Drill KitDCD77120V300 Watts15 Amps
DeWalt 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Impact Driver, Power Tool Combo Kit with 2 BatteriesDCD79120V300 Watts15 Amps
DeWalt Atomic 20V Max Cordless DrillDCD70820V340 Watts17 Amps
DeWalt 20V Max XRDCD99120V820 Watts41 Amps
DeWalt 20V Max XR BrushlessDCD79220V300 Watts15 Amps

These are just the top five selling DeWalt drill motors on Amazon at the time of this writing. 

DeWalt Battery Capacity

A cordless NiCd battery’s capacity is measured in amp hours. That shows how many amps the battery can provide for one hour. DeWalt batteries vary in capacity.

Most DeWalt batteries in the 12-volt range use 1.5 to 2.0 amp hour capacity batteries. 

The 20-volt DeWalt batteries range from 2.0 to 5.0 amp hours, depending on the battery model number. 

So, it is best practice to have more than one battery available while working so one can always be on the charger while using the other. Two batteries, at least, are ideal.

You can also leave your DeWalt batteries on the charger all the time without damaging the batteries due to a maintenance feature in DeWalt brand chargers that monitors the batteries.


The current draw of DeWalt drill motors range from 5 amps all the way to 41 amps depending on the model of drill motor you are using. 

Most DeWalt drill motors draw 15 amps for 20-volt drills and 25 amps for 12-volt drills.